The Weekly PokerNews Quiz: The Chips Go Round and Round

11-26-2016 42240 responses Top results

Not to get too abstract here, but if we were to pick one geometric shape to represent a poker game, it feels like a circle would be the top candidate.

Arguments could be made for others, but the round chips, circular tables, and action moving clockwise constantly suggests a circular shape. And that's not even mentioning the circular patterns of action and repeated behavior that sometimes invite more existential thoughts about the game.

A lot of poker terms evoke the idea of a circle, too, as demonstrated by today's installment of "The Weekly PokerNews Quiz." Below are eight examples — see if you can correctly identify the meaning of all eight.

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Question 1

In hold'em, an “orbit” typically refers to...

Question 2

We all know the movie, but what is a “rounder”?

Question 3

What does it mean to be “rolled up” in seven-card stud?

Question 4

A “bubble” is spherical. One bursting in poker refers to...

Question 5

A “ring” game typically refers to...

Question 6

In poker, one use of the term “hole” is to refer to...

Question 7

When speaking of a poker hand, a “round” refers to...

Question 8

Finally, what would be an example of a “wheel” in poker?