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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: 2016 Aussie Millions Edition

01-30-2016 68894 responses Top results

The 2016 Aussie Millions is in the midst of its exciting finish with the last events playing out.

The $100K Challenge finished up last night, with Fabian Quoss topping the 41-entry field to win $1,446,480 (AUD). Today comes the $10,600 Main Event final table where Ari Engel currently leads the final seven players, all who remain from the 732 who began the tournament. And still to come is the LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge.

For this week’s installment of The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz we’re highlighting some of the hands from the last couple of days of action. Hopefully you’ve been following the live updates on PokerNews and watching the Twitch stream hosted by Jason Somerville — a great way to study tournament strategy thanks to the hole cards being shown and Somerville’s ongoing analysis.

Here are eight questions regarding some of the hands we’ve seen. Get six correct and you earn a passing grade, and if you happen to miss one you’ll get an explanation of the correct response.

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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: 2016 Aussie Millions Edition 101

Question 1

One of the more dramatic hands from Day 4 of the Aussie Millions Main Event came with 15 players left. Mikel Habb was all in and at risk preflop with Kh-Ks versus Samantha Abernathy’s 6d-6h, and the flop and turn came Qs-9h-10s-10h. With 44 unknown cards, how many of those 44 on the river would give Habb the hand and enable him to survive?

Question 2

With eight players left in the Main Event, Tony Dunst and Kitty Kuo got involved in a hand that saw Dunst raise before the flop with Kh-Js and get called from the blinds by Kuo, then both checked the 10d-9h-5h flop. The turn was the Ah, and Kuo checked. Dunst bet a little over half the pot, an action which could be described as a...

Question 3

In that Dunst-Kuo hand, the river was the 2s, making the board 10d-9h-5h-Ah-2s. Kuo checked again, and this time Dunst fired 350,000 into the pot of just over 500,000. What would best describe Dunst’s river bet?

Question 4

On the sixth hand of the six-handed $100K Challenge final table, Connor Drinan open-shoved with 4s-4h and a short-stacked Fedor Holz called all in with Kh-Qs, meaning Holz was a ____________ to survive.

Question 5

With five players left in the $100K Challenge, Sam Greenwood was all in preflop with Ac-2c versus Connor Drinan’s Qc-9c, making him a ______% favorite with the community cards still to come.

Question 6

In that Greenwood-Drinan hand, the first four cards came Jc-6d-3d-4d, meaning Greenwood only had to fade ____ outs to survive.

Question 7

With four players left in the $100K Challenge, Connor Drinan led with a river bet holding Qc-9s with the board showing 7c-10d-Jc-9c-6c, then Fabian Quoss raised all in. Quoss had Drinan covered, meaning the latter had to decide whether or not to call with his queen-high flush. If Drinan called, Quoss could *only* win if he had...

Question 8

Ben Tollerene and Fabian Quoss battled for 62 hands heads-up before Quoss finally won the $100K Challenge. During their duel we saw instances of each raising from the button with hands like Kd-3d, Qc-2h, and even 7s-5d and 6s-2h, demonstrating...

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