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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Identify These Hold’em Moves

08-13-2016 51665 responses Top results

Happy Saturday, all, and welcome to another installment of The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz. This week's quiz focuses on some of the more useful moves to know in no-limit hold'em, several of which have been covered in articles appearing in our "10 Hold'em Tips" and "10 More Hold'em Tips" series.

Correctly identify six of these eight hold'em moves and earn a passing grade. You can check the "Top results" after you finish to see how you did compared to other quiz takers, and if logged into your PokerNews account your username will appear in the standings. If you need a PokerNews account, click here to create one.

Ready? Great... it's your move.

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Question 1

It folds around to a player on the button who looks down at 9c-3d, then looks over at a couple of tight players in the blinds. The player makes a raise, an attempt at __________.

Question 2

In a no-limit hold’em tournament, a player in late position raises, then the big blind who is short-stacked has Ac-10c but decides just to call the raise. Then after the flop the big blind goes all in, attempting a play known as __________.

Question 3

Someone raises from early position and it folds around to the big blind who looks down at pocket fours. The big blind decides to call in an attempt to __________.

Question 4

A short-stacked player open-raises all in from middle position, then the big-stacked player in the next seat reraise-shoves in order to __________.

Question 5

On the turn with the board showing Tc-8h-8d-Ac and 1,500 in the middle, a player in early position holding 9c-8c checks, then watches an opponent bet 650. The early position player then raises to 2,200, an example of a __________.

Question 6

A player raises from under the gun and it folds to the player on the button who calls with Kc-Jd. The flop comes 8d-7c-5d and the UTG player continues with a bet. The player on the button decides to call, intending to bluff at the pot with a bet or raise on the turn. The call is an example of __________.

Question 7

Before the flop a player raises from middle position and the button calls. The small blind then makes a big reraise, a move often referred to as a __________.

Question 8

A player raises with Kd-Kc and gets one caller from the blinds, then watches the flop come Kh-8s-8c. When checked to, the player decides to check behind and __________.

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