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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Odds and Ends

10-22-2016 36291 responses Top results

There's a reason why we try to learn odds in poker, or at least those of us who are interested in becoming better players do. Knowing the chances of hitting a draw, or being dealt certain hands, or of one hand beating another helps us be better informed when it comes to deciding whether to check, bet, raise, or fold.

Poker is an information game, but being able to understand the information being presented to you more clearly — and more precisely than your opponents do — can be a meaningful edge. Knowing odds helps you play your hand better. It can help you assess your others' play more accurately, too.

In other words, there are multiple ends to learning odds.

Today's installment of "The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz" tests your knowledge of poker odds with eight quick questions. We're starting with a few about hold'em odds this week, then finishing with some questions about odds in other games. Get six correct earns a passing grade, and if you happen to miss any you'll get an explanation of the correct response when you're done.

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Question 1

Which hold’em hand has a better chance of winning in an all-in preflop confrontation?

Question 2

In hold’em, which is more likely to happen?

Question 3

What happens more often in hold’em?

Question 4

You’re playing hold’em and get dealt Tc-8c. Which is more likely to happen?

Question 5

Which hold’em hand has the best chance of being best by the river after a Qc-9c-2d flop?

Question 6

You’re playing Omaha hi-low eight-or-better and get dealt A-2-9-K. If the flop comes 3-6-J, what is your chance of making a “low” hand by the river?

Question 7

The game is razz. On fifth street (with two more cards to come) which of the following two hands is the favorite to finish with the better hand?

Question 8

The game is seven-card stud. When it comes to three-card starting hands, what’s more likely?

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