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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Playing Big Hands

05-07-2016 65839 responses Top results

This week in the PokerNews Strategy section we had a few different articles focusing on the challenge to get action when you are dealt premium starting hands, or when you’ve made stronger hands postflop and are looking to win as big a pot as possible.

In “Everybody Folds When You Finally Have a Big Hand? Here’s How to Fix it,” Robert Woolley talked about the importance of not raising too much with your big starters, as well as not raising too infrequently and giving away the fact that you are so strong when you do raise.

Jonathan Little on Getting Your Chips in With Premium Hands” next analyzed a hand the poker pro and author played in which he sought to get his chips in the middle with pocket kings. Then later in the week Mo Nuwwarah talked about how “Underbetting Strong Hands Can Pay Off More Than One Way,” especially when up against an aggressive opponent.

Picking up that theme, this week’s installment of The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz features eight questions all having something to do with “big hands” in hold’em — that is, premium starting hands and/or stronger than average postflop holdings.

Get at least six out of the eight correct will earn you a passing grade, and at the end you’ll also see how your results stack up against others taking the quiz. If you don’t have one already, click here to create a PokerNews account, and you’ll see your name listed, too.

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Question 1

How often can you expect to be dealt pocket aces or pocket kings in hold’em?

Question 2

If you have pocket kings, what is the chance an ace will appear on the flop?

Question 3

If you have pocket kings, what is the chance an ace will appear by the river?

Question 4

If you hold A-K, how often do you flop at least one pair (using one of your hole cards)?

Question 5

Imagine a super-tight player who only played A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J, T-T, and A-K (suited and unsuited). What percentage of hands would that player play?

Question 6

Flopping a set with a pocket pair gives you a big hand. How often do you flop at least a set with a pocket pair?

Question 7

Let’s say you do flop a set with your pocket pair. What are your chances of improving to a full house by the river?

Question 8

If you make a flush on the turn, that’s an ideal street on which to bet or raise for value. After flopping a flush draw, what are the chances of hitting your flush on the turn?

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