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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Stacks and Towers of Checks I Can’t Even See Over

10-10-2015 69598 responses Top results

We know the lines by heart, delivered by Edward Norton as Worm in the 1998 film Rounders in an effort to cheer up Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) who is feeling low.

We refer, of course, to Worm’s list of things that cheer him up: “rolled up aces over kings... check-raising stupid tourists and taking huge pots off them... stacks and towers of checks I can’t even see over....”

By the end, Mike’s mood has done a 180°. Soon they’re out the door and on the way to Atlantic City.

With the opening riff of James Gang’s “Funk #49” blaring in all of our memories, then, we present another installment of “The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz,” a stack of 10 multiple-choice questions culled from articles appearing in the Strategy section over the past week here at PokerNews.

Getting seven or more correct earns a passing grade, and for any incorrect responses you’ll get an explanation of the correct choice. Don’t forget, you can always look back through the week’s Strategy articles if you need any hints along the way.

Ready? You are? Don’t tease me...

Question 1

Robert Woolley’s “Casino Poker for Beginners” column this week warned new players about collusion. As he points out in the article, which of the following agreements between players is acceptable?

Question 2

Say in a tournament one player is all in versus two opponents, and the latter two silently check down the flop, turn, and river. Is this collusion?

Question 3

In “9 Key Beginner Mistakes at Low Stakes (And How to Fix Them),” Nathan Williams lists poor bankroll management as a common problem for new players. He recommends new online players with marginal win rates have at least 40 buy-ins for whatever limit they play. That means when playing NL5 where the blinds are $0.02/$0.05, your bankroll should be at least...

Question 4

In the same article, Nathan warns players about slow playing too much at the “micros” and in low stakes online games, because these games often feature players who are...

Question 5

Speaking of slow playing, this week on ESPN’s coverage of the 2015 WSOP Main Event we watched a hand in which Chad Power held 10d-10c, saw a flop come 3h-10s-3d, then started check-calling postflop bets from Fedor Holz. Power was slow playing a very strong hand, having flopped...

Question 6

“When your confidence is low, you probably play more ABC,” says poker coach and backer Alex Carr in a PokerNews interview this week. By “ABC” he means...

Question 7

This week Mo Nuwwarah gave advice about playing against loose players on “coordinated” boards. Picking up a hand on the turn, which of the following would be an example of a “coordinated” board?

Question 8

This week’s “Hold’em with Holloway” focuses on a game of $1/$3 no-limit hold’em. One hand begins with a player betting $15 before the cards were even dealt, an example of a...

Question 9

In her open-face Chinese poker guide, Isabelle Mercier this week discussed some OFC variants. As she explains, in Progressive OFC if you make trips on the top line and get to Fantasyland for the next hand, how many cards do you then receive from which you set your 13-card hand?

Question 10

Mercier also talks about Deuce-to-Seven OFC, a variation of open-face Chinese poker in which you set a 2-7 hand...

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