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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: The Urge to Correct

06-19-2016 59147 responses Top results

Earlier this week in "Seven Reasons Not to Be the Table's Poker Know-It-All," Robert Woolley provided a list of reasons why it's a bad idea to correct other players at the table when they reveal their understanding of poker might be lacking.

He prefaced his list by describing a not uncommon scenario. A player is dealt a pocket pair, misses hitting a set on the flop, and says "When you have a pocket pair, you're supposed to flop a set once every three times on average, but I've been playing ten hours today and haven't hit yet."

You know what's wrong here, don't you? However, if you're sitting across from the player, blurting out a correction isn't smart, no matter how tempting it might be to do so. Meanwhile today's installment of The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz let's you give into the temptation. In other words, here — instead of at the table — you can be a "know-it-all."

What follows are eight statements we're imagining being uttered at the table, and you're invited to point out what's wrong with each. Get six correct and you pass, and if you happen to miss any you'll see a note explaining the right choice.

As always, when you finish you'll see a leaderboard showing who the know-it-alls are. If you're logged into your PokerNews account, your username will appear amid the standings. Don't have a PokerNews account already? Click here to create one.

All right, smarties... show what you know:

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Question 1

We’ll start with that example from the article. A player says “When you have a pocket pair, you're supposed to flop a set once every three times on average.” But you know that on average, when you have a pocket pair, the chances are you will...

Question 2

“How it is possible I can play for two hours and not get aces once?!” complains a player. You figure he’s been dealt around 60 hands, so you think to yourself he should save that complaint until after he’s played...

Question 3

On the turn there is $100 in the middle and a player goes all in with his last $100. Another player calls, showing he has a flush draw (nine outs to win), and says “I had to call -- you gave me 2-to-1.” You grin, knowing that...

Question 4

A player shoves with Kc-Qd and gets called by someone holding Ad-Kd. “It’s a coin flip,” says the first player, but you know it’s more like...

Question 5

Player A goes all in with Jh-Th and Player B calls with 2c-2d. “Deuces never loses,” cracks Player A. “Well, I *am* the favorite,” answers Player B. You think, Player B isn’t actually a favorite, rather...

Question 6

A player with an open-ended straight draw calls an opponent’s turn bet, then folds to another bet when the river blanks. Afterwards he explains how he had eight outs and so called the turn because of the “Rule of Four,” adding how 8 outs x 4 = 32% chance to hit his draw. But you know that...

Question 7

A player raises before the flop, then when the flop comes A-7-5 he folds to his opponent’s bet, showing Q-Q as he does. “Not fair,” he says. “It’s only 1 in 10 that a bigger card hits when you have queens, but it’s much more than that for me.” You keep quiet, knowing that in fact it’s...

Question 8

You’re playing pot-limit Omaha, and a player says how with four hole cards instead of two, “it’s like you have two hold’em hands instead of one.” But you know that from those four cards you can actually make...

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