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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: A Series of Three-Way All-Ins

10-03-2015 69853 responses Top results

Welcome back for another round of “The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz.” As usual, we’ve looked through the past week’s worth of articles appearing in the Strategy section here at PokerNews and drawn 10 multiple-choice questions from them with which to challenge you.

Each question has three possible answers, but only one is correct. Kind of like that three-way all-in situation pictured above in which only one of the hands gets all of the pot.

Get seven or more of these 10 questions correct wins you a passing grade. Meanwhile if you get any wrong you’ll be shown the “winner” along with an explanation of the correct choice. And remember, you can always look back through the week’s Strategy articles if you need any help with the questions.

Question 1

In the article “In Poker, Being Stubborn as a Mule Can Make You a Donkey,” Robert Woolley describes a hand he once played in which the board read 3h-4h-6h-7h on the turn and he held Ah-xx, meaning he had...

Question 2

“Raise Big or Small? A Discussion of Open Bet-Sizing from the 2015 WPT Borgata Main Event” discusses the sizes of opening raises in tournaments. Especially when antes are in play, one purpose for raising preflop is to collect what is often called...

Question 3

As discussed in the same article, what might be a potential benefit from open-raising big -- i.e., at least 3x the big blind?

Question 4

Speaking of pot odds, if the blinds are 100/200 (no ante), you raise to 400 from the button and the small blind folds, what price is the big blind getting to call?

Question 5

In a new installment of “Home Game Heroes,” Ashley Adams discusses a seven-card stud hi-low hand played with a “declare” and without a “qualifier.” What is meant by playing without a “qualifier”?

Question 6

You hold As-Ad and the board shows Qd-Tc-9s-4d-Td. The *absolute* value of your hand is...

Question 7

You hold As-Ad and the board shows Qd-Tc-9s-4d-Td. The *relative* value of your hand is...

Question 8

This week on ESPN's WSOP coverage, Daniel Negreanu was shown in multiple hands check-raising after the flop when playing from the blinds -- once with a draw, once with a flopped set. The hands demonstrated how the check-raise is a valuable tool when playing against opponents who...

Question 9

Isabelle Mercier continued her guide on open-face Chinese poker this week, discussing counting points and royalties. As she explains, making a flush on the middle line is worth 8 points in royalties. So if I make an ace-high flush in the middle and you make a king-high flush...

Question 10

Which of the three hands pictured up top is the winning hand?

What do you think?