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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Try to Find the Trick Question

08-22-2015 69607 responses Top results

When you think of quizzes, you think of teachers. Some teachers are like poker players with their quiz-giving, looking for ways to exploit weaknesses with all of their probing. We all remember those “trick questions” certain teachers loved to include, catching unsuspecting students off guard in the same way a player taking an unusual line in a poker hand might.

Poker players — at least the thinking ones — can be like teachers, too, in the way they are “grading” opponents at the table with constant assessments.

Speaking of, it’s time once more for another edition of “The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz,” featuring questions culled from the previous week’s worth of articles appearing in the Strategy section here at PokerNews.

Find 10 multiple-choice questions below. Get seven correct and you earn a passing grade, and for any incorrect answers you’ll get an explanation regarding the correct choice. Feel free to check back through the week’s articles if stumped for an answer.

And, of course, be on the alert for any trick questions.

Question 1

What is a play that might distinguish a player as "LAG" or loose-aggressive?

Question 2

Which strategy is *not* recommended as helping to increase mental toughness at the tables?

Question 3

What particular poker skill did six-time WSOP bracelet winner T.J. Cloutier once identify as especially key to his success?

Question 4

What is meant by the commonly heard advice to "play the player"?

Question 5

The acronym "GTO" stands for...

Question 6

In this week's "Hold'em with Holloway," a hand is discussed in which a player holds 7c-5c and the flop comes 8c-6c-Qd, giving the player...

Question 7

What is meant by the advice to consider "game flow" before choosing a particular line or strategic course in a hand?

Question 8

In "How to Play a Flush Draw in No-Limit Hold'em," which of the following does Alec Torelli suggest as encouragement to play your draw aggressively (betting or raising)?

Question 9

"Casino Poker for Beginners: Quirky House Rules" includes reference to a "string bet," which refers to...

Question 10

Which of the above is the trick question?

What do you think?