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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: What Are the Chances?

09-03-2016 47841 responses Top results

In the exciting last hand of the European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event, the final two players — Sebastian Malec and Uri Reichenstein — were nearly even in chips when a turn card simultaneously gave Malec a flush and Reichenstein a straight.

Both suddenly held especially strong hands for heads-up, and on the river all the chips ended up going in the middle to ensure Malec a victory. For both to make such strong hands was a bit out of the ordinary, but after more than 130 hands between them not necessarily statistically improbable.

Today's installment of The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz features eight multiple-choice questions about common situations in no-limit hold'em, in each case asking you to tell what the chances are for a particular event to occur. Get six of eight right and you'll pass the quiz, and if you happen to miss any you'll see an explanation of what the correct answer was.

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Question 1

In that final hand Malec flopped a flush draw (that is, four to a flush). When you flop a flush draw, what’s the percentage chance you’ll make your flush by the river?

Question 2

Meanwhile Reichenstein flopped an open-ended straight draw. If you flop an open-ended straight draw, what’s the percentage chance you’ll make your straight by the river?

Question 3

If you push all in with Ah-Qc and get called by a player holding Ac-Kd, what’s the percentage chance you’ll end up surviving the hand?

Question 4

Say you have Kh-Qc against an opponent’s As-Qd and you’re all in? What are your chances of surviving that one?

Question 5

You finally pick up a pocket pair. What are the chances you’ll end up hitting a set (or better) by the river?

Question 6

Say you flop a set with your pocket pair. What is the chance you’ll improve to a full house (or better) by the river?

Question 7

You have Kd-8c and the board shows 9d-Tc-6h-As. What are the chances you’ll fill your straight on the river?

Question 8

If you are dealt Kh-Kd, what’s the percentage chance you’ll make it all of the way to the river without an ace showing among the community cards?

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