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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: If You Can’t Beat Them, Bluff Them

09-12-2015 69307 responses Top results

Welcome back to another installment of “The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz,” the quiz that features questions derived from the past week’s worth of articles appearing in the Strategy section here at PokerNews.

This week’s quiz includes nine questions, each taken from a different strategy article this week, plus a 10th question testing your knowledge of starting hand values. Getting seven or more correct out of 10 earns you a passing grade, and if you get any wrong you’ll get a note explaining the correct choice. You may be able to figure out the answers to some questions without having read the articles to which they refer, although you can always look back through the week’s articles to double-check your answers.

Got it? Good. Now, go...

Question 1

“Bad beats should be taken as a good sign,” suggests Robert Woolley in “Four Things Not to Get Upset About at the Poker Table.” Why?

Question 2

What does Tommy Angelo mean when suggesting that in poker you can make up “your own object of the game” -- that is, in addition to the object of making as much money as you can?

Question 3

Against a bad passive player, how does Mike Ziemba say he’s likely to play postflop when holding what he believes to be the best hand?

Question 4

Alec Torelli this week described making a “crazy hero fold” in a hand versus Joe McKeehen. What makes a fold a “hero fold”?

Question 5

In this week’s “Hold’em With Holloway,” Chad describes a pot-limit Omaha hand in which he was all in on the turn with the board showing Kh-Ah-2d-8s. Chad held Qs-Jh-10c-5h while his opponent had As-Ac-9c-3s. How many outs did Chad have?

Question 6

This week Mo Nuwwarah discussed a final table hand illustrating “a glaring and important ICM situation.” ICM stands for...

Question 7

This week poker pro Scott Baumstein shared some thoughts about semi-bluffing. In hold'em, when is it impossible to semi-bluff?

Question 8

In “Should You Bluff the Recreational Players? Yes and No,” Nathan Williams describes a player making a “donk bet” after the flop, referring to...

Question 9

What is meant by “chopping” the blinds?

Question 10

Which hand rates to be the favorite in a three-way, preflop all-in situation?

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