Eight Reasons Why You Should Add Six-Card Omaha to Your Next Home Game

Eight reasons why you should add Six Card Omaha to your home game, now available on PokerStars

Here at PokerNews we've previously brought you five different poker games to add to your home game, but this time we're focusing on one particular game format.

With Six Card Omaha quickly becoming all the rage both live and online on PokerStars, there's never been a better time for you to think about adding it to your next home game.

Today we bring you eight reasons why you might think about adding the six-card variant the next time you bring out the chips and cards with friends and family round for a game.

1. Try Something New

Are you tired of Texas hold'em being the only game played every time you host or attend a home game? You're not the only one. Six Card Omaha is one of those games that not many people sitting around your normal home game will have played. That's enough of a reason for you to spread a new format at your next home game.

Even suggesting the idea of trying something new might see a couple of other people agree to leave the tired two-card format at the door for one evening.

2. Prepare for Online

Last week, PokerStars announced that its customers will now be able to play Six Card Omaha online. And with plenty of people looking to jump into this new format, by spreading this at your next home game, you'll be able to accrue some experience before playing online.

One key difference will be the sheer dexterity needed to hold six cards at once, but once you migrate to online you won't have that problem, and you will be able to focus solely on your game.

3. You Might Have an Edge

People often see Six Card Omaha as an action game of pure gambling, but even the most beginner of players can learn a few tips and tricks that will see them be able to hold their own against others.

And when playing against absolute beginners, you should be able to become a winner in Six Card Omaha even with the most basic of Omaha knowledge.

4. Work on your Omaha Game

Even if you're normally an Omaha player, Six Card Omaha will give you the opportunity to brush up on some of your Omaha spots in a completely different game format. While the skills might not be completely transferrable between the six- and four-card formats, you'll certainly be gaining more experience with the Omaha format as time goes on.

5. Deal with More Decisions

As we mentioned earlier, the most important part of Six Card Omaha is the flop. This is because pre-flop you are looking for hands that can easily make the absolute nuts, therefore the more co-ordinated your hand is pre-flop, the more potential you have.

However, once the flop comes you will be left with several decisions to be made and against loose-aggressive players, navigating these decisions might be the difference between winning and losing at your next home game.

WATCH: How Preflop Equity Should Be Seen in 6-Card Pot-Limit Omaha

6. Everyone Loves a Sweat

You'll never find a chapter in any poker strategy book covering the "sweat" when playing poker, but even the most professional of poker players know that it is an integral part to any poker game.

And the sweats in Six Card Omaha are insane! Think of all the outs you might have if you were all in on the turn with one hand to come! Be sure to bolt the tables down because just imagine what could happen if that one outer happened to come?!

7. Improve your 'Out' Knowledge

Speaking of outs, it's important in any poker format to know how many "outs" you have to win the hand. With the nuts being especially important in Six Card Omaha, be sure that you know the number of outs and the price you are getting on your call before committing money to the pot.

You can be sure that other players may not know their outs, or may have miscounted, especially if they are weaker or tighter players at your home game.

Take advantage of your poker knowledge by putting them to the test!

8. Loads More Action

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times. There's so much action in Six Card Omaha. There are other ways of inducing action in your home games, but there's no easier way than introducing Six Card Omaha next time you want to have a home game.

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