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Tag: Douglas MacKinnon

Mackinnon Hauls in a Huge Pot

Douglas Mackinnon has passed the 500,000 chip barrier thanks to having his set paid off by Sam Al-Shurieki. Mackinnon opened to 26,000 under the gun and both Sam Al-Shurieki (middle position) and James Epner (big blind) called.

Samer Lays Down the Hammer

Moments ago, Samer Al-Shurieki flopped the nut flush to crippled Dominik Nitsche. Douglas Mackinnon opened from the cutoff to 22,000 and Nitsche three-bet to 48,000 from the small blind.

Mackinnon Gets Fortunate Against Deppe

Sometimes you need a little luck in order to win a poker tournament, well Douglas Mackinnon has just had a huge slice of luck to stay alive in this one.

Douglas MacKinnon Eliminated in 16th Place ($9,748)

Douglas MacKinnon has been eliminated in 16th place, having lost most of his stack in a big hand versus Terry Grimes, then the rest shortly thereafter to Brandon Fish.

Modlin Doubles Through MacKinnon

It's all about bustouts and double-ups so far on Day 3, and we have another one of the former to report to you here.

Mark Warren Eliminated in 17th Place ($9,748)

Mark Warren was down to 203,000 just now when he open-raised all in from middle position and got one caller in Douglas MacKinnon sitting in the hijack seat. Warren had and MacKinnon .

MacKinnon Scores Big Double Through Nguyen

Brian Nguyen limped in from under the gun, and when the action folded around to Douglas MacKinnon in the small blind he raised to 65,000.

Jablonski Bounced

Stan Jablonski has been in eliminated in 32nd place, good enough for a $4,509 payday. Jablonski had become short-stacked a little earlier in a hand that saw him up against an opponent holding versus Jablonski's .

Diaz Done

David Diaz just open-raised all in for about 95,000 from middle position, and when it folded around to Douglas MacKinnon on the button he reraised all in over the top. The blinds got out, and the players tabled their cards...

Douglas MacKinnon Eliminated in 7th Place ($90,604)

Action folded to DJ MacKinnnon in middle position who moved all in for his last 740,000. Everyone got out of the way except for Max Lykov in the big blind who called.

Return of the Mac

DJ MacKinnon raised to 90,000 preflop and Dror Michaelo made the call on the button to see a flop of . MacKinnon checked and Michaelo bet 130,000 before the former check-raised all in for 830,000. Michaelo sighed and then folded.

Big Mac

Douglas MacKinnon raised to 35,000 preflop getting called by Terrance Eischens and Mario Doria before Jason Vanstrom squeezed all in from the small blind. MacKinnon called all in and Eischens and Doria both folded.

Mackinnon Doubles

Douglas Mackinnon ended up all in preflop holding the but found he was behind to Jeffrey Manza's . The flop brought the which changed nothing. The turn was the giving Mackinnon an open-ended straight draw.

Out of the Hole He Doug

Mark Epstein raised to 22,000 on the button then called Douglas MacKinnon's all in for 155,000. Epstein: MacKinnon: The board came and MacKinnon survived leaving Epstein as a short stack.