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Eric Brooks Eliminated in 14th Place ($6,990)

Eric Brooks: / / Scott Seiver: / / Before the level changed, there was a bring in, Brooks, the winner of the 2008 Stud Hi World Championship completed, and only Seiver called.

Rolled Up for Martin

Jesse Martin completed and Matthew Ashton made the call before Eric Brooks raised. Martin responded by making it three bets to force Ashton out as Brooks made it 16,000 total.

A Costly Mistake and a Bad Beat for Ashton

Eric Brooks: / Matthew Ashton: / Ashton brought it in, Brooks completed, Ashton raised, and Brooks re-raised. Ashton called. When Brooks paired his king on fourth, he bet double the limit (6,000).

Eric Brooks Eliminated in 13th Place ($24,480)

The defending champion was recently eliminated in 13th place. There won't be a repeat championship this year for Eric Brooks. He'll "only" collect $24,480.

Brown Takes Out Billirakis

Steve Billirakis completed the bring-in bet, drawing a raise from Eric Brooks. Chad Brown made another raise on top, and Billirakis made the call, putting himself all in in the process. Brooks called the extra bet as well.

Checking in on the Champ, Day 2

Eric Brooks is still plugging away in today's field. He recently had to surrender a pot on the river. He had led out on sixth street with (X-X) / , a bet that his opponent raised with (X-X) / .

Checking in on the Champ

Defending champion Eric Brooks is in the field. How's he doing? Well, we watched him win a small pot with sixes full of fives, but dragging that pot only pushed his chip count to about 28,000. It looks like not much traction yet for Mr.

Event #14 Is In the Books!

158 players started this $10,000 Seven-Card Stud World Championship. One of the strongest stud fields of all time assembled to try and take down the coveted world title.

Eric Brooks Wins Event #14: $10,000 Seven-Card Stud World Championship ($415,856)

Congratulations to Eric Brooks who overcame a field of the highest quality and a final table full of talent to take down the title in Event 14.

Kostritsyn Takes a Massive Hit

Alexander Kostritsyn made it two bets on third and Eric Brooks called. Kostritsyn bet out on fourth and Brooks called yet again. On fifth street, Kostritsyn bet out showing and was instantly raised by Brooks who was showing .

Brooks Takes a Huge Pot

There was four way action on third between Alexander Kostritsyn, Erik Seidel, Fu Wong, and Eric Brooks. Brooks completed showing the , Kostritsyn raised showing the . Seidel called showing the and Wong made the call showing the .

Brooks Playing For a Good Cause

During the break, I had a chance to speak with Eric Brooks about his background in poker and about his decision to play in this event. “I used to play a lot more stud in the past.

Brooks Clips Kostritsyn

Eric Brooks has taken down a nice pot off Alexander Kostritsyn after Kostritsyn called down with a board of but mucked when Brooks turned over (-X) for queens and nines.

Brooks Raises Oppenheim Off Pot

Vassilios Lazarou completed showing the before Eric Brooks made the first raise with the . David Oppenheim flat-called with the , as did Lazarou.

Seat 8: Eric Brooks (Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania) 359,000 Chips

Eric Brooks does not come to today’s final table with an extensive background or millions in tournament winnings. In fact, today will mark Brook’s first professional tournament cash, but what a cash it will be.

Eric Brooks Given Penalty

Just after the break Eric Brooks has been given a penalty for exposing his hole cards with action pending. He will have to sit out the next eight hands (one orbit) of play.

Randall Skaggs Eliminated

A short-stacked Randall Skaggs was recently eliminated in a hand with Eric Brooks.

Brooks Clips Schulman

Nick Schulman was showing and called down Eric Brooks the whole way. Brooks revealed () for two pair which was good to take down the pot.