Now Live 2017 Super High Roller Bowl PokerStars Championship Sochi

Tag: Juha Helppi

Gabrieli and Helppi Eliminated

Ivan Gabrieli was all in for his last 10,000 and Justin Bonomo raised to 15,000 from one seat over. Timothy Adams in the small blind asked for a floor and it was deemed that the minimum raise had to be 16,000.

Zinno's Bluff Fails

Juha Helppi opened the cutoff for 10,000 and called Anthony Zinno's small blind three-bet to 35,000. Both checked the -flop before the hit the turn. Zinno bet 30,000 and Helppi called. The completed the board and Zinno bet 45,000.

Fatehi Busts to Aido

Just one hand ago, Ali Reza Fatehi three-bet shoved into a raise by Juha Helppi and got through with it.

Helppi Takes Some Of Kitai

From the hijack, Juha Helppi raised to 5,500. Big blind Davidi Kitai called and the Belgian EPT champion check-called 6,500 on the -flop, 11,200 on the -turn and 21,000 on the -river. Helppi showed and Kitai mucked.

Koray Aldemir Eliminated

Some minutes ago, Koray Aldemir four-bet in a pot to Juha Helppi, but folded to the shove that followed. Just now, in the last hand before the level went up, the two clashed again.

Johnny Lodden Among Leaders After Day 1a of EPT Prague Main Event

European legend Johnny Lodden is among the leaders of the EPT Prague Main Event after Day 1a. Also in the running: Dane Henrik Hecklen, Tony Dunst, Anthony Zinno, Pascal Lafrancois, Daniel Dvoress, Sergio Aido, Juha Helppi and Charlie Carrel.

Leon Tsoukernik Wins the Last PokerStars EPT Super High Roller in Prague for €741,100

King's Casino Rozvadov owner Leon Tsoukernik has won the last EPT Super High Roller, taking €741,100 from runner-up Charlie Carrel in heads-up play.

Juha Helppi Eliminated in 3rd Place (€341,150)

Hand 99: Juha Helppi shoved the small blind for 675,000 and Leon Tsoukernik first adjusted his big blind, then quickly called the all in of the Finn.

Hand #98: Helppi Gives up Big Blind

Hand 98: In the first hand back from the break, Leon Tsoukernik raised to 350,000 with the on the button. Juha Helppi had the in the big blind and folded after plenty of consideration.

Hands #93-97: Some More Raises Before the Break

Hand 93: From the small blind, Juha Helppi pushed 705,000 with . Tsoukernik folded . Hand 94: Small blind Leon Tsoukernik raised to 325,000 with and Charlie Carrel folded his big blind.

Hands #83-89: Carrel Doubles With Kings

Hand 83: On the button, Leon Tsoukernik raised to 250,000 and took down the blinds and antes. Hand 84: Buldygin shoved with and Juha Helppi folded . Hand 85: Viacheslav Buldygin moved in with just the showing.

Hand #67-71: Plenty of Shoves

Hand 67: Juha Helppi was first to act and put up his sunglasses, then raised to 200,000 with the . Charlie Carrel in the small blind looked down on and a stack of just 12 big blinds.

Hand #60: Helppi Doubles Through Buldygin Again

Hand 60: Viacheslav Buldygin open-shoved from the small blind and Juha Helppi called for 1,070,000 in the big blind. Viacheslav Buldygin: Juha Helppi: The flop fell and Buldygin took the lead.

Hands #56-59: A Lot of Folds

Hand 56: From the small blind, Viacheslav Buldygin pushed all in with . Juha Helppi folded in the big blind. Hand 57: Leon Tsoukernik received a walk in the big blind with . Hand 58: Leon Tsoukernik limped in with from the small blind.

Hands #51-55: Buldygin Takes from Tsoukernik

Hand 51: Charlie Carrel moved all in for 1,505,000 with the from the small blind and Viacheslav Buldygin folded in the big blind.

Hands #46-50: Small Pots Galore

Hand 46: Leon Tsoukernik pushed from the small blind with just the showing. Charlie Carrel folded his in the big blind. Hand 47: Small blind Charlie Carrel announced all in with for 1,345,000.

Hands #45: Helppi Doubles Through Buldygin

Hand 45: "How much are you playing Juha? Like 500?" Charlie Carrel asked and then elected to fold first to act. Viacheslav Buldygin on the button raised to 175,000 and Helppi moved all in for 490,000 in the small blind.

Hands #40-44: Helppi Getting Real Short

Hand 40: Leon Tsoukernik, under the gun with , counted out his chips for everyone to hear. "One million, two million,...", prompting a big smile by Carrel. He then raised to 310,000 and took down the blinds of antes.

Paul Newey Eliminated in 5th Place (€200,000)

Hand 38: With under the gun, Viacheslav Buldygin raised to 165,000. Juha Helppi folded from the cutoff but Tsoukernik with the on the button, did call. In the small blind, Paul Newey announced all in for 445,000 with .

Hands #33-36: Tsoukernik Takes from Helppi; First Break

Hand 33: First to act, Viacheslav Buldygin raised to 125,000 with the and claimed the blinds and antes. Hand 34: Juha Helppi raised to 150,000 with the and Leon Tsoukernik flat-called from one seat over with the in the cutoff.