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Hakim Zoufri and Fabio Sperling Return for Additional Day in 2016 MCOP Main Event

The final table of the 2016 Master Classics of Poker Main Event in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, saw nine players take their seats to battle for the €275,608-first place prize.

Juha Helppi Eliminated in 4th Place (€92,057)

Hakim Zoufri, first to act, opened for 90,000 holding . In the small blind, Sperling found another big hand with and three-bet to 275,000. Before action got back on Zoufri, first Juha Helppi was to act.

Sperling Is Dominating

Fabio Sperling opened for 90,000 holding and Juha Helppi three-bet to 235,000 with . Sperling called and called a 175,000-bet on as well. The on the turn saw both players check and the completed the river.

Sperling Best in 3-Way Pot

Fabio Sperling opened to 65,000 with and got called in two spots; Juha Hellpi in the small blind with and Hakim Zoufri with in the big blind. All of them checked on and the hit the turn. Helppi bet 115,000 and got called in two spots.

Zoufri Folds a Pair

From the button, Juha Helppi raised to 65,000 with . Small blind Hakim Zoufri three-bet to 195,000 and the big blind folded. Helppi called. With 436,000 in the middle, the flop came . Zoufri, having hit, checked. Helppi checked behind.

Helppi is Slipping

Juha Helppi has lost two big pots, both times he was up against a flush.

Helppi Wins With Five-Three

Action folded to Rashed Zade in the cutoff and he raised to 44,000. Juha Helppi called with on the button before both blinds folded. The flop came and Zade checked. Helppi bet 44,000 into 142,000 and Zade folded.

Zade Pushes King-Seven, Helppi Folds Ace-Seven

From the small blind, Rashed Zade pushed for 472,000 with . Juha Helppi, in the big blind with , tanked for a bit before he folded.

Fabian Three-Bets Ace-Queen

From first position, Hakim Zoufri opened to 35,000. In middle position, Stefan Fabian with the , three-bet to 83,000. Action folded back to Zoufri and he called. The flop came and both players checked.

Zoufri Finds a Back Door

Juha Helppi opened the button with for 35,000 and big blind Hakim Zoufri called with . Zoufri check-called a bet bet of 25,000 on before both checked the on the turn. The river came the and Zoufri bet 71,000.

Aces for Helppi

From middle position, Sperling raised to 35,000 holding . Juha Helppi called from the small blind with and the big blind folded. The flop came and both players checked. The hit the turn and Helppi checked again.

Juha Helppi Leads 2016 Master Classics of Poker Main Event Final Table

The penultimate day of the 2016 Master Classics of Poker Main Event ended with two bust outs at the same time, making for a final table of nine without any delay of hand for hand play.

Arne Coulier Eliminated in 16th Place (€16,212)

From the cutoff, Arne Coulier moved all-in for his last 409,000. His neighbor, Juha Helppi on the button, called and both blinds folded. Arne Coulier: Juha Helppi: The board ran out an uneventful and Coulier was forced to hit the rail.

Rembert Net Eliminated

From early position, Juha Helppi opened for 14,000. Rembert Net shoved all in for an undisclosed amount. Action folded back to Helppi and he called. Juha Helppi: Rembert Net: The board ran out and Net made his exit in 31st place.

Net's Stack Grows Big

We just caught the tail end of a big hand between Rembert Net and Juha Helppi. The board read and Net had 66,000 in front of him. Helppi tanked long and hard and eventually called. Net showed and Helppi mucked.

Juha Helppi Gone

Long-time Finnish High Roller Juha Helppi just busted the EPT Main Event. Helppi open-shoved 14,600 from the cutoff and Pierre Calamasu looked him up on the button.

Some Soulier and More Montenegro

Fabrice Soulier raised to 1,700 and Dmitry Yurasov three-bet to 5,200 from one seat over. Soulier shoved and Yurasov folded.

More New Faces with Interesting Tables

Martin Finger, Juha Helppi, Morten Mortensen and Pratyush Buddiga have joined Day 1a. Helppi was sat at a table with Aleksandar Spadijer, Senh Ung, Fabrice Soulier and Vlado Banicevic whereas Buddiga faces Ben Heath one seat over.

Khoroshenin Busts Helppi

Oleksii Khoroshenin made it 3,600 to go and was called by Juha Helppi in the cutoff and Ole Schemion in the small blind. On the flop, Khoroshenin continued for 7,000 and just Helppi called.

Mateos Doubles Up Helppi

Juha Helppi was sitting under the gun and raised to 3,000. It was folded around to Adrian Mateos on the button and the Spaniard made it 8,000 to go. Helppi then shoved all-in for 20,800 total and Mateos immediately called.