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Tag: Takashi Ogura

Takashi Ogura Eliminated in 6th Place ($10,935)

Szymon Sobanda made it 25,000 and Takashi Ogura pushed in for 150,000 behind. Sobanda got a count and made the call with the . Ogura's tournament life was riding on the , but he bowed out sixth after the board only improved Sobanda.

Ogura Finds A Double

Takashi Ogura shoved the small blind for a little under 100,000 and David Leas looked him up in the big with the . Ogura was in trouble with the , but smashed the flop, riding to the double up after the turn and river.

Calvin Tan Seet Pin Eliminated in 10th Place ($3,975)

They played one hand at Level 17 and moved up. On the first hand of Level 18, Calvin Tan Seet Pin pushed in for 114,000 and Kyle White called all in for a few thousand less. It was Pin on the and White holding the .

Small One for Mizzi

Three players including Takashi Ogura and Sorel Mizzi took a flop of . Ogura had first action and checked. The second player followed suit, prompting Mizzi to fire 3,800 into a pot of about 8,000.

Ogura Doubles Through Kurganov

We arrived to find Takashi Ogura and Igor Kurganov looking down at a completed board of . Ogura moved all in on the river for a bet totaling 14,375. Kurganov flung out a few chips, signifying a call.

Silverman Finds Aces

Takashi Ogura was all-in for 7,500 chips in the hijack seat and had been called by Adam Lalopoulos from the next seat along. Steven Silverman, on the button, squeezed all-in for 28,600 and Lalopoulos had a real decision to make.

Ogura Releases

Following a raise to 450 and a call, Takashi Ogura three-bet to 2,050 from the small blind and both players called.

Danchev and Herm Butt Heads

After being crippled by Eugene Katchalov, Takashi Ogura hit the rail in 29th place. That means we are now on the stone bubble, but before hand-for-hand play officially began, Dimitar Danchev and Mark Herm got involved in a massive pot.

Katchalov Doubles; Cripples Ogura

Eugene Katchalov opened with a raise to an unknown amount and Takashi Ogura three-bet from the next seat over. Action came back around to Katchalov and he announced a raise of pot, which was also all in for Katchalov for 43,000.

Field Day

When we arrived at Table 412, Joshua Field was all in and at risk for 23,500 with against the of Takashi Ogura. The board came , and Field received a full double. Ogura is still healthy with roughly 40,000 chips.

Nitsche Uses Aggression Against Ogura

From middle position, Dominik Nitsche raised to 525. Takashi Ogura reraised from the hijack seat to 1,425, and action folded back to Nitsche. He called to take the flop. On the flop, Nitsche checked, and Ogura bet 1,800.

Takashi Ogura Eliminated in 64th Place ($106,056)

Takashi Ogura opened for 120,000 in early position and Wilfried Harig raised to 250,000 behind him. The blinds released and Ogura moved all in.

Zabib and Ogura Share Same Hand

From under the gun Marty Zabib opened to 110,000 and Takashi Ogura moved all in from middle postion. The blinds released and Zabib called. Zabib: Ogura: The board ran and the two players chopped up the blinds and antes.

Ogura Makes Full House

We caught up with the board to find Ricky Markowitz and Takashi Ogura heads up in a pot with the board reading . Ogura moved a bet of 127,000 into the middle of the table and Markowitz pondered his action.

Alaei's Cowboys

We missed all of the preflop action but found Takashi Ogura all in from the big blind against Alex Melnikow in the cutoff and Daniel Alaei in the hijack who had already built a sidepot with some raising.

Sung Rising

We missed the predraw action, but Takashi Ogura was all in against Steve Sung. Sung was first to act and he stood pat, sending Ogura into the tank for a good minute before ultimately deciding to stand pat, too.

One for Ogura

Takashi Ogura made it 6,500 to go and was called by Vincent Musso. Each player drew one card and then the action went check-check. Ogura flipped over and Musso tossed his hand into the muck.

Takashi Ogura Eliminated in 19th Place ($20,129)

Owen Crowe potted in early position only to have Sam Stein repot. Takashi Ogura then called off from the big blind and Crowe got all his money in as well.

Steve Gross Eliminated in 26th Place ($20,129)

Steve Gross opened with a raise hoping to find an oppenent to double his short stack. Takashi Ogura called holding and had Gross' dominated. The board ran and Gross was out of the tournament. Ogura increased his stack to 192,000.


Chris Oliver raised to 11,500 from the cutoff only to have Takashi Ogura make it 47,000 to go from the button. Another raise saw Ogura all in and covered.