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Timmi Derosa Eliminated in 3rd Place ($74,389)

Sidsel Boesen folded from the button, and Timmi Derosa completed from the small blind. Vanessa Hellebuyck then raised to 100,000 from the big blind, and Derosa made the call. The flop came . Derosa bet 100,000, and Hellebuyck called.

Check-Raise Works for Derosa

After Sidsel Boesen folded, Timmy Derosa raised to 75,000 from the small blind, and Vanessa Hellebuyck called from the BB. The flop came . Derosa checked, and Hellebuyck pushed forward a bet of 120,000.

Action Flop

After Timmi Derosa folded on the button, Vanessa Hellebuyck called from the small blind and Sidsel Boesen checked from the big. The flop came out and Hellebuyck bet out 80,000.

Derosa Likes Diamonds

Sidsel Boesen opened for 55,000 from the small blind. "I call," said Timmi Derosa with a slight shrug from the big blind. The flop came monotone -- . Boesen checked.

Hear This... Derosa Leads

After Kami Chisholm stormed out to that huge chip lead early on, a rash of all-in bets and eliminations at the end of Level 21 and start of Level 22 has evened things out a bit. Currently Timmi Derosa enjoys the chip lead.

Some Final Table Support

Lee Watkinson has arrived to support his fiancée, Timmi Derosa.

Derosa Deraises (With Aces)

Timmi Derosa opened with a raise to 45,000 from UTG+1. It folded around to Bonnie Overfield in the big blind who made the call. The flop came all face cards -- . Overfield checked, and Derosa didn't hesitate to push all in.

A Few More Chips for Chisholm

We've had our first flop at today's final table. Kami Chisholm opened with a raised from middle position to 28,000 and got one caller in Timmi Derosa on the button. The flop came .

Hey, That's My Blind

The table folded around to Sidsel Boesen who raised to 27,000 from the cutoff, and the button and both blinds -- including Timmi Derosa in the BB -- got out of the way. "Don't start that," said Derosa with a smile.

Seat 8: Timmi Derosa (437,000)

Timmi Derosa of Los Angeles, California comes to today's final table with a few previous tourney cashes to her credit, including a win in California Ladies State Championship in 2006.

Watterworth Doubles Through Derosa

Timmi Derosa opened for 40,000 from UTG, and Loren Watterworth reraised all in to 66,000 from the cutoff. Derosa called. Watterworth showed , while Derosa tabled . The board came , and Watterworth doubled to 153,000.

Kimura KO'ed, 18 Remain

With about 45,000 in the middle and the board showing , Kima Kimura pushed all in and got called by Timmi Derosa. Kimura didn't have an ace in her hand, but Derosa did -- .

Sengphet Continues Surge, Derosa Undeterred

Lee Watkinson's fiancée, Timmi Derosa, was recently given a penalty and was forced to take a short break as she waited it out.

Timmi DeRosa Eliminated

Timmi DeRosa Doubles

Board: Preflop, Timmy DeRosa raises to 4,000 in middle position and the big blind re-raises all in. DeRosa calls 10,000 and shows . The big blind has . DeRosa doubles to 30,000.