Main Event

Luis Lima Eliminated in 8th Place ($20,000 BRL)

MrCleverFox • Level 28: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante
Luis Lima

Mauro Tabarin opened with a raise to 165,000 from middle position. Next to act Luis Lima moved all in over the top for roughly 600,000. Action folded back to Tabarin and he called.

Tabarin: {Q-Spades}{J-Spades}
Lima: {A-Spades}{J-Diamonds}

The flop was trouble for Lima when it came {Q-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{3-Clubs} putting Tabarin in the lead. He retained the lead through the {7-Hearts} on the turn, and the {Q-Clubs} on the river was just overkill, so Lima was eliminated from the tournament in 8th place.

Player Chips Progress
Mauro Tabarin BR
Mauro Tabarin
BR 3,900,000 940,000
Luis Lima BR
Luis Lima
BR Busted

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