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The Defending Champ is Gone

Randy Lew

PokerStars Team Online Randy 'Nananoko' Lew has just been eliminated by Timothy Finne. The defending champ, who took down this event last year for USD$484,617, started the day with less than the starting stack and didn't catch a break here on Day 2.

By the looks of it Finne had raised to 1,000 from the small blind when Lew decided to raise to 9,600 with just 200 chips left behind. Finne made the call as we arrived on the scene.

The flop brought out {Q-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}{9-Spades} and quickly both players put in the remaining chips.

Timothy Finne: {A-Hearts}{Q-Spades}
Randy Lew: {A-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}

The board ran out {4-Diamonds}, {J-Hearts} and Lew was knocked out. Finne is up to over the average stack and looking good here early on.

Chip Counts
Timothy Finne 48,000 15,300
Randy Lew Busted

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