HKD$100,000 ACOP Main Event
HKD$100,000 ACOP Main Event
Day 4 Completed

Michael Kanaan Leads The Final Nine

Happy_Freaked • Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Michael Kanaan
Michael Kanaan

After seven hours of sizzling poker action, we are down to the final nine! Michael Kanaan leads the way in the 2012 APPT Macau: Asia Championship of Poker Main Event with 1,393,000 in chips. World Series of Poker bracelet winner Andrew Hinrichsen is also among the finalists who will return tomorrow to play for the HKD $4,240,000 (US $547,000) first place prize.

The day started with just 22 players, and James McCarty was the first player to go when he was knocked by Alan Sass. Play picked up near the end of the first level after both Andrew Hinrichsen and Tom Alrner had managed to double through Raiden Kan. After Seungsoo Jeon was knocked out in 21st it was time for the final remaining woman to go. Yuri Ishida got her money in with ace-jack, but she fell to Ying Kit Chan's pocket kings.

Raiden Kan, who started the day fourth in chips, was knocked out in 19th bringing the field down to just 18 players. After the short stacks lingered around for a while it was Zhongwei Wang who got very unlucky. His money went in with top pair and a flush draw against Andrew Hinrichsen's inferior pair. The Aussie hit trips on the turn and knocked out Wang in 18th.

Short stacks Aaron Lim and Paolo Gompagno were next to go as the two remaining tables were getting short handed. Day 1 chip leader Gary Lam had lost a bunch of chips to Chan early on, and he left the tournament in 15th place. Lam ran ten-nine suited into Henry Wang's ace-jack and took home HKD $259,500 for his efforts. Ping Lin busted shortly afterwards as he didn't manage to mount a comeback after starting the day out as one of the short stacks.

One of the most important pots for the outcome of this tournament has to be the one between Kanaan and Mike Watson. Both players were among the biggest stacks in the room for most of the day, and they ultimately clashed when Watson ran his kings into Kanaan's aces. Kanaan grabbed a huge chip lead which he kept heading into the final table. Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu busted out in 13th place when his queen-eight suited didn't improve against Xing Zhou's jacks. Watson was knocked down short by Kanaan and he was eliminated in 12th place.

The final table bubble started when Tri Huynh lost his chips to Zhou in an unfortunate turn of events. On an eight-five-three flop it was Zhou who had flopped two pair with five-three. Zhou had called Huynh's raise from the big blind and took all his chips when his queens failed to improve. With just ten players left it was time for the short stacks to double up. Many did, but eventually it was Andrew Gaw who was eliminated in 10th place. This is how the final nine players line up heading into tomorrow.

SeatNameCountryChip Count
1Jacques ZaicikFrance191,000
2Michael KanaanAustralia1,393,000
3Tsugunari TomaJapan788,500
4Ying Kit ChanHong Kong348,000
5Henry Hung Tu WangChinese Taipei429,000
6Andrew HinrichsenAustralia 798,500
7Tom AlnerUK826,500
8Alan SassUSA252,000
9Xing ZhouChina493,000
PlaceWinnerPrize (HKD)
1 $4,240,000
2 $2,855,000
3 $1,731,000
4 $1,384,000
5 $1,125,000
6 $952,000
7 $779,000
8 $606,000
9 $432,000
10Andrew Gaw$346,000
11Tri Huynh$303,000
12Mike Watson$303,000
13Raymond Wu$303,000
14Ping Lin$259,500
15Gary Lam$259,500
16Paolo Compagno$259,500
17Aaron Lim$216,000
18Zhongwei Wang$216,000
19Raiden Kan$216,000
20Yuri Ishida$173,000
21Seungsoo Jeon$173,000
22James McCarty$173,000

Tune back in tomorrow at 2:00 PM local time as PokerNews brings you the conclusion of this exhilarating event! For now, we will leave you with a challenge between Donnie Peters and Lynn Gilmartin in the PokerStars Mobile Lounge:

Bagging and Tagging

donpeters • Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

Play has concluded for the night with the elimination of Andrew Gaw in 10th place. A complete recap will be posted shortly.

Andrew Gaw Eliminated in 10th Place (HKD$346,000)

Andrew Gaw - 10th Place
Andrew Gaw - 10th Place

Andrew Gaw was one of the shorter stacks remaining, and he was all in with the {A-Clubs}{J-Clubs} versus the {A-Hearts}{Q-Clubs} for Xing Zhou. Gaw was behind and dominated, but he still had five cards to come to try and stay alive.

The flop kept Zhou in front when the {10-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{2-Spades} fell. There was only one club on the flop, and the {4-Spades} on the turn got rid of any chances of a backdoor flush for Gaw.

Needing a jack on the river, the {9-Hearts} wouldn't do it and Gaw was out the door in 10th place. He earned HKD$346,000 for his effort, and now the day was done.

Andrew Gaw ph
Andrew Gaw
ph Busted

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One for Chan

donpeters • Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

Tsugunari Toma raised to 23,000 from the small blind, and Ying Kit Chan called from the big blind to see the flop come down {10-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}. Toma bet 26,000, and Chan raised to 70,000. Toma folded.

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Gaw Getting Shorter


From the button, Michael Kanaan raised to 20,000. Andrew Gaw made the call from the big blind, and the flop came down {A-Spades}{K-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}. Gaw checked, and Kanaan bet 20,000. Gaw called.

The turn was the {4-Diamonds}, and Gaw checked again. Kanaan fired 45,000, and Gaw folded.

Michael Kanaan au
Michael Kanaan
au 1,300,000 280,000
Andrew Gaw ph
Andrew Gaw
ph 180,000 -32,000

Tags: Andrew GawMichael Kanaan

Zhou Put Alner in a Tough Spot


Tom Alner just raised under the gun to 21,000 and Xing Zhou proceeded by three-betting to 63,500 from the button. Both blinds folded and Alner put in the fourth raise up to 134,000. Zhou hesitated, but eventually he called.

The flop brought out {6-Hearts}{K-Hearts}{8-Hearts} and Zhou moved all in right after Alner had checked. His all in was for 269,500 and Alner took two minutes before he decided to fold his cards. There are still 10 players and we'll have to lose one more before the day is done.

Tom Alner gb
Tom Alner
gb 865,000 -85,000
Xing Zhou cn
Xing Zhou
cn 537,500 32,500

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Hinrichsen Shoves On Gaw


From the cutoff seat, Andrew Gaw raised to 20,000. Andrew Hinrichsen reraised to 49,000 from the button, then play folded back to Gaw. He reraised to 95,000 with 212,000 behind. Hinrichsen wasn't buying what Gaw was selling, and he moved all in. Gaw tanked for a bit, but eventually folded, and Hinrichsen won the pot.

Andrew Hinrichsen au
Andrew Hinrichsen
au 640,000 95,000
Andrew Gaw ph
Andrew Gaw
ph 212,000 -103,000

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