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Guerin Done

Didier Guerin has just been knocked out, and he explained to us what happened. There was an under the gun raise to 1,600 and Guerin opted to call with {9-}{9-}. The player in the small blind called as well.

The flop brought out {10-}{8-}{2-} and the initial raiser bet 3,000, both Guerin and the small blind called.

On the turn the {K-Diamonds} hit and all three players checked. The river brought out a {9-}, and Guerin hit his set. The small blind all of a sudden bet 13,000 and the initial raiser folded. Guerin tanked for a very long time and said that he thought that just calling would've not been the right move. He raised all in for 27,000 total and his opponent called right away with {Q-Clubs}{J-Clubs}. Guerin lost his chips and left the tournament room.

Chip Counts
Didier Guerin Busted

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