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Bjorn Again


If you were ever going to have a poker name that signifies an aggressive gambling style then Bjorn Li would fit the bill with its Scandi-Asian mix. We have one such fellow in the room today, and he's the new chip leader on around 500,000 chips.

Pokernews had a chat with him and he told us that two big hands have accounted for the majority of his rise.

The first came about in a blind-on-blind battle. He opened and then four-bet ace-king and his opponent three-bet, five-bet all-in for 66,000 with pocket sixes. Li spiked and the big blind was out the door.

The next big hand saw Li three-bet an opponent with king-nine. His opponent called to see a {j-}{q-}10x] flop where he check-raised Li's 14,000 c-bet up to 75,000, with 75,000 back. Li set him in for the rest and he called with jacks for a set and failed to fill up.

Chip Counts
Bjorn Li au 500,000 275,000

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