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Kagawa Cracks Aces to Send Bloom to the Rail

Tony Bloom

We caught the action with around 30,000 in the pot and a board reading {6-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{K-Spades}. Philipp Gruissem had bet 12,000 from the small blind, Masa Kagawa raised to 46,000 from the big, and Tony Bloom three-bet all in for roughly 152,000 from middle position. Gruissem got out of the way and Masa quickly called with {K-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}, which was out in front of Bloom's {A-Diamonds}{A-Spades}.

Even though Kagawa held two pair, Bloom had counterfeit outs. The {5-Spades} turn added to those outs, but the {Q-Diamonds} river missed him. With that, the two-time $100,000 Challenge runner-up was eliminated from the tournament.

Chip Counts
Masa Kagawa 430,000 176,000
Tony Bloom Busted

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