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Main Event

Koitmaa Sends Franke to the Rail for the Third Time

Jaxon • Level 9: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante
Villem-Henrik Koitmaa

Martin von Zweigbergk opened blind from under the gun for 2,000. Kaido Mikk three-bet from one seat over to 6,000. Villem-Henrik Koitmaa, who is the goalie on the Estonian national ice hockey team, called from the small blind and Von Zweigbergk also called to complete the action.

Von Zweigbergk open-jammed after the {4-}{5-}{2-} came on the flop. Mikk folded and Koitmaa made the hero call with {a-}{j-}. Bricks came on the turn and river and Von Zweigbergk said, "Re-enter!"

Von Zweigbergk was back two hands later and somehow drew the same exact seat he left.

Chip Counts
Villem-Henrik Koitmaa EE 135,000 119,000
Martin von Zweigbergk SE 30,000

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