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Main Event
Main Event
Day 1a Completed

Tobias Revenas Bags the Day 1a Chip Lead of the Coolbet Open Main Event

Jaxon • Level 9: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante
Tobias Revenas
Tobias Revenas

Day 1a of the Coolbet Open Main Event hosted by Olympic Park Casino and Hilton Tallinn Park was a huge success with 130 entrants ponying up the €550 buy-in.

This represents a larger turnout than the 104 entrants that participated in Day 1a of the first Coolbet Open in May and more than the 113 entrants in Day 1a of the second Coolbet Open in October. Tomorrow's action is expected to be much bigger for the second and final opening flight with many players sharing they plan to enter or in some cases re-enter the event.

Players kicked off today's deep-stacked action with 30,000 in chips and competed for nine blinds levels of 45 minutes each. Those bagging chips will enjoy an even deeper structure for Day 2 and Day 3 on May 10-11 with 60-minute blind levels.

Sweden's Tobias Revenas was easily the star of the day after bagging a huge stack of 293,500 in chips. He was among the chip leaders midway through the day after eliminating two opponents with pocket kings against ace-deuce and nine-seven of spades on a four-three-six flop with two spades.

Also bagging big stacks on Day 1a were United Kingdom's Barry Cobb (second - 171,800), Estonia's Ottomar Ladva (third - 156,300), Finland's Teemu Salminen (fourth - 145,000), and Norway's Espen Sandvik (fifth - 137,000).

These were obviously not the only players to bag chips as 64 players from the Day 1a field will advance to Day 2. Among the notable players to advance was Estonian national team ice hockey goalie Villem-Henrik Koitmaa. Koitmaa was noticeably inexperienced with several players helping him with the rules as the game went on.

"I haven't played in eight years," shared Koitmaa. "Also, I have never played for money."

Koitmaa eventually was poised as the game went on and bagged the seventh biggest stack of 113,800 in chips while also being responsible for sending Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk to the rail.

Villem-Henrik Koitmaa
Estonian ice hockey goalie Villem-Henrik Koitmaa bags the seventh biggest biggest stack on Day 1a.

Luck was not on Von Zweigbergk's side. He was not successful in bagging a stack despite firing five bullets into Day 1a of the Main Event.

Also having a rough go today was Coolbet Founder Jan Svendsen who didn't find a bag despite firing three bullets today.

Day 1b of the Main Event will kick off at 1 p.m. EEST tomorrow with many new players and many of the same players from today that were unable to survive.

As was the case today, the PokerNews live reporting team will be back on the floor to provide complete coverage tomorrow and beyond until a winner is declared.

*Photos courtesy of Natalie Black/Coolbet Open.

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Final Day 1a Chip Counts (full)

Jaxon • Level 9: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante
Tobias Revenas se 293,500 173,500
Barry Cobb GB 171,800 81,800
Ottomar Ladva ee 156,300 82,300
Teemu Salminen FI 145,000 90,000
Espen Sandvik no 137,000 137,000
Ricardo Moran ES 123,000 123,000
Villem-Henrik Koitmaa EE 118,000 -17,000
Igor Toropov RU 109,300 109,300
Tarmo Tael EE 102,300 102,300
Mikael Juhani Koistinen FI 100,400 15,400
Markku Koplimaa ee 95,700 95,700
Annika Haaviste ee 95,600 50,600
Martin Nygaard NO 93,300 93,300
Jens Henrik Riis DK 90,300 5,300
Vallo Maidla ee 89,500 89,500
Roope Onni Oliver Tarmi FI 88,400 88,400
Kaido Mikk EE 85,400 -14,600
Torbjorn Furseth NO 77,100 77,100
Miikka Kaihovaara FI 76,800 76,800
Corbin Benjamin White US 70,500 70,500
Jari Hurri fi 70,300 70,300
Kalle Saar EE 65,300 65,300
Raul Kaupmees EE 62,600 62,600
Siim Silver Salumaa EE 61,500 61,500
Mika Hautakangas FI 60,900 60,900

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Franke "Unlucky" Again and Players Bagging Chips

Jaxon • Level 9: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante

Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk fired five bullets but failed to find a bag. He shared he was "unlucky" again on his way out on his last bullet.

Tomorrow, von Zweigbergk will play the Drawmaha Festival's €220 event instead of Day 1b but we may see the Swede back in action on Day 2 as players can re-enter the Main Event for the first blind level of the penultimate day on Friday.

Stay tuned at PokerNews for final chip counts and the recap of the day.

Martin von Zweigbergk SE Busted

Final Four Hands

Jaxon • Level 9: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante

Main Event Tournament Director Sarah Dumbleton announced the final four hands of the day after which surviving players will bag their chips for Friday's Day 2.

Mikk's Turn to Take Out von Zweigbergk

Jaxon • Level 9: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante

Martin von Zweigbergk raised over a limper to 6,000 before Kaido Mikk made it 20,000 from one seat over. Keimo Suominen called off his stack of 12,000 before Von Zweigbergk jammed for 30,000. Mikk made the call and with {9-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} was ahead of Souminen's {4-Clubs}{4-Spades} and Von Zweigbergk's {5-Clubs}{5-Spades}.

The {6-Spades}{2-Spades}{4-Diamonds} flop was a good one for Suominen to give him a set and not the worst one for Von Zweigbergk either. The {7-Spades} on the turn opened a flush draw for Von Zweigbergk but he was out of the Day 1a field for a fourth time after the {8-Clubs} completed the board on the river.

Von Zweigbergk quickly re-entered for a fifth time hoping this is the bullet to take him deep.

Kaido Mikk EE 100,000
Keimo Souminen 38,500
Martin von Zweigbergk SE 30,000

Koitmaa Sends Franke to the Rail for the Third Time

Jaxon • Level 9: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante
Villem-Henrik Koitmaa
Villem-Henrik Koitmaa

Martin von Zweigbergk opened blind from under the gun for 2,000. Kaido Mikk three-bet from one seat over to 6,000. Villem-Henrik Koitmaa, who is the goalie on the Estonian national ice hockey team, called from the small blind and Von Zweigbergk also called to complete the action.

Von Zweigbergk open-jammed after the {4-}{5-}{2-} came on the flop. Mikk folded and Koitmaa made the hero call with {a-}{j-}. Bricks came on the turn and river and Von Zweigbergk said, "Re-enter!"

Von Zweigbergk was back two hands later and somehow drew the same exact seat he left.

Villem-Henrik Koitmaa EE 135,000 119,000
Martin von Zweigbergk SE 30,000

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Strange Hand Leads to Dansken Double

Jaxon • Level 9: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante

There was some commotion over on the table where Jari Hurri, Sebastian Wahl, and Jens Henrik Riis, otherwise known as Dansken, were seated.

Wahl and Riis shared what happened. Dmitri Semeni bet on the {2-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{a-Spades} flop and Riis raised. Semeni had all his chips in his hand and was over the betting line but never released them. During this time Riis toss all his chips into the pot.

The floor was called and it was ruled that it wasn't a jam and Semeni called. Riis then jammed after the {5-Spades} came on the turn and Semeni called.

Riis turned over {a-Clubs}{q-Spades} and was behind the {4-Clubs}{2-Clubs} held by Riis. The {7-Clubs} was a safe card for Riis and he doubled up.

To add to the strangeness of the hand, Semini got up and left the tournament area not realizing he had Riis covered. His 1,500 chips are still in front of him but they will go into the pot as soon as he is in the big blind.

Jens Henrik Riis DK 85,000 -5,000
Dmitri Semeni EE Busted

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Final Blind Level of Day 1a Begins

Jaxon • Level 9: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante

Blinds have just gone up to 500/1,000 with a big blind ante of 1,000. This will be the final level of Day 1a with surviving players bagging chips to move onto Friday's Day 2.