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€5,300 EPT San Remo Main Event

Argento Turns to Gold

A massive double up for hoary-haired Italian Giuseppe Argento in probably the biggest hand of the tournament so far.

There was a jack on the board and his opponent was holding {A-?} {J-?} so the chips could have gone in preflop or on it, but we all rushed over to that table because as the board confirmed that Argento's pocket kings constituted the winning hand. He went absolutely nuts, slamming the table, shouting in Italian and knocking over a side table as he walked off to calm down. A few minutes later, a friend handed him a glass of water, which he downed gratefully, his hands still shaking. This is an emotional game. He's very definitely in second place now after Dragan Galic -- that hand netted him over 400,000 in chips.