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€5,300 EPT San Remo Main Event

Kang Grits His Teeth

Benjamin Kang's been trying to work miracles at his table in the back corner. He raised a pot to 7,500, only to have an older, much shorter Italian gentleman on his immediate left re-raise all in to 43,300.

"What do you have?" Kang asked.

"Good play," responded his opponent.

"Good play or good cards?" Kang queried. He hoisted his massive German frame out of his chair to consider his options, briefly alarming the Italian. The Italian then stood up as well, not even coming to the top of Kang's shoulder. Seeking to remedy that situation, the Italian stood on his chair! He was just barely taller than Kang.

The whole table had a good laugh at the antics, including Kang. "Show me one card," Kang asked as he mucked his hand. Kang's opponent showed {A-Hearts}, causing Kang to grit his teeth.

"I run so bad in flips."

Kang still has 68,000 chips.

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