Live Events 2
Main Event

Event Info

Buy-in €10,000
Prize Pool €6,860,000
Players 686

Level Info

Level 31
Blinds 80,000 / 160,000
Ante 20,000

Freitez over 10 Million Mark

[user46298] • Level 30: 60,000-120,000, 15,000 ante

Freitez has started this four-handed final table with a huge no-showdown show of aggression. He's up around 2 million chips already, picking up, for example a button raise (255,000) picked up a quick pot, as did his subsequent three-bet with {A-}{5-}.

Probably the most interesting example of his brakes-off aggression with a twist of weird preflop flat-call of a three-bet came next though: Freitez raised with {J-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}, three-bet out of position by Torsten Brinkmann in the blind (680,000). He called.

The flop: {5-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{10-Clubs}. This was interesting because Brinkmann held {A-Clubs}{6-Spades} - the nut flush draw. Brinkmann led for 680,000, which Freitez raised to 1,500,000. Brinkmann called.

The turn: {9-Hearts}. Now Brinkmann checked and Freitez set his opponent all in. He passed.

Freitez is over 11,000,000 and firmly in control.

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Freit Train Steams Ahead

[user46392] • Level 30: 60,000-120,000, 15,000 ante
Ivan Freitez
Ivan Freitez

It folded around to Ivan Freitez in the small blind and he raised to 260,000 holding {k-Diamonds}{3-Spades}. Torsten Brinkmann called in the big blind - he didn't know, but we do, that he was dominating with {k-Spades}{8-Diamonds}.

Nevertheless they saw a {6-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{a-Hearts} flop and Freitez took it down with a 350,000 bet.

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Freitez Fires First Hand

[user46392] • Level 30: 60,000-120,000, 15,000 ante

First hand back, chip leader Ivan Freitez raised to 250,000 under the gun - with {10-Clubs}{3-Clubs}. Everyone folded.

Hole card cameras are amazing.

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Shuffle Up & Deal

[user46392] • Level 30: 60,000-120,000, 15,000 ante

On the two hour delay, Thomas Kremser has spoken. Ladies and gentlemen, this four-way is underway.

Almost Time

[user46392] • Level 30: 60,000-120,000, 15,000 ante
The finalists - four of them remain
The finalists - four of them remain

The "live" feed has returned, meaning that exactly two hours ago the four remaining contenders sat down and commenced preparations for one of them being crowned EPT Grand Final champion.

In just a few minutes we'll get to see what's been happening, and we're going to get to see their hole cards and everything. Please stand by.

Chips - Frozen in Time for Five Hours!


Now that we're four-handed, action will stop for an extended dinner break, then with the players sequestered they will play with a two-hour delay in order that the whole of the rest of the final can be broadcast with all of the hole-cards up, starting at 11pm Central Eastern Time!

We'll be watching, and recording for posterity the key hands at this, the Grand Final of the EPT. You can watch too on one of these TV stations:

• Germany: Sport 1 - 23.30-03.30 CET (German commentary)
• Netherlands: RTL7 - 01.30-End of play CET (Dutch commentary)
• Spain: Antenna3 - 01.45-04.45 CET (Spanish commentary)
• Russia: TV3 - 23.00-03.00 CET (Russian commentary)
• Romania: - 23.00-03.00 CET (Romanian commentary)
• Slovenia: Sport TV - 23.00-03.00 CET (Slovenian commentary)
• Belgium (North): Jim - 23.30-End of Play (Dutch commentary)
• Belgium (South): Plug RTL - 23.30-End of Play (French commentary)
• Canada: The Score - 17.00-22.00 ET (English commentary)
• 23.00-End of play (English, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian)

During this extended break, the EPT awards are going to take place - the glittering drama of the end of Season 7 - hosted by Joe Hachem.

Ivan Freitez ve
Ivan Freitez
ve 7,710,000 -240,000
Torsten Brinkmann de
Torsten Brinkmann
de 6,760,000
Tamas Lendvai hu
Tamas Lendvai
hu 3,690,000 570,000
Andrey Danilyuk ru
Andrey Danilyuk
ru 2,460,000 -1,540,000

Juan Maceiras Eliminated in 5th Place (€315,000)

Homer • Level 30: 60,000-120,000, 15,000 ante
Juan Maceiras
Juan Maceiras

Brinkmann raised to 250,000 from the button and Juan Maceiras moved all in for 1.87 million in total from the big blind. Instant call.

Maceiras: {J-Hearts}{10-Hearts}
Brinkmann: {A-Spades}{K-Diamonds}

The board never looked too kind to the Spaniard, coming {Q-Spades}{4-Spades}{2-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{6-Hearts} menaing we're down to four players.

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Brinkmann is Russian to Victory

Homer • Level 30: 60,000-120,000, 15,000 ante

Andrey Danilyuk raised to 255,000 on the button and Tobias Brinkmann defended from the big blind.

Flop: {9-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{6-Hearts}

Brinkmann and Danilyuk stared at each other intensely before the German bet out 235,000, Danilyuk made the call.

Turn: {5-Hearts}

This made all the draws and Brinkmann fired a second time, 425,000 this time. Danilyuk thought again but this time gave it up.

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Eugene Yanayt is Eliminated in 6th Place (€250,000)

[user46298] • Level 30: 60,000-120,000, 15,000 ante
Eugene Yanayt
Eugene Yanayt

We've lost the full complement of American players now, as Eugene Yanayt exits the final table winning a quarter of a million Euros after his strong performance throughout all five days in a poker discipline he's not usually known for (Triple Draw cash is his speciality).

Yanayt made a chunky three-bet shove preflop after Freitez opened. Freitez looked at the 2,000,000+ facing him and thought for a long time. Neither player moved a muscle for minutes, but when Freitez finally called they both stood up, Yanayt with a resigned expression and Freitez with a little more animation.

Freitez: {9-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}
Yanayt: {5-Spades}{5-Diamonds}

The board: {10-Spades}{Q-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{A-Clubs}{6-Hearts} (The cries of 'va-mo-va-mo-va-mo' growing louder with each card)

Out goes Yanayt to collect his considerable sixth place prize money.

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