Main Event

Schafer Plays the Bord; Loses

[user46298] • Level 6: 200-400, 50 ante

Tough break for short stack Thorsten Schafer right before the dinner break - he had under 11,000 and it was all in vs. 100,000+ stacked James Bord with {A-}{K-} vs. Bord's {Q-Hearts}{J-Hearts}. This must have been a preflop spin, as the board rolled out {7-Spades}{8-Hearts}{6-Clubs}...{10-Clubs}...{9-Spades}! Schafer made a straight on the board but Bord rivered the nut one and knocked him out, admitting it was, "Dirty!" or words to that effect. No hard feelings expressed by Schafer who gets to take his time over the buffet now.

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