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Main Event

Charania Smashes a Huge Double to Over 900K


Mohsin Charania won a massive pot just before the last break and he described the action to us as follows.

Charania opened with a raise and Andrew Pantling made the call from the big blind. The flop came down {10-}{9-}{9-} and Pantling check-raised Charania's 17,000-chip bet to 42,000. Charania called.

The turn was a {5-} and Pantling led for 125,000. Charania made the call again.

The river was a {J-} and Pantling put Charania all in for his last 279,000. Charania quickly called having rivered a full house with {J-}{9-}. Pantling held {K-}{9-} and was ahead until fifth street.

Chip Counts
Mohsin Charania us 915,000 495,000
281,000 -349,000

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