Main Event

News in Brief

  • Anton Wigg is up to 50,000 after raising his button and betting flop and turn. The board read {2-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{3-Spades}{j-Hearts} and the big blind called two bets before he folded to Wigg's 5,250 turn bet.
  • Dermot Blain was busying trying to build a stack that was heading south. We witnessed him successfully squeeze a 700 raise and call to 3,400 (out of a 20k stack), but by the time we left the room his media card was in the pile of those players eliminated.
  • Bryan Piccioli and Ludovic Lacay are both sat at the same table and trying to make things happen from early position. Piccioli raised from under the gun and took the blinds and antes before folding his cards high up into the air. Lacay thought he saw a king but the American insisted he had pocket tens. The next hand saw Lacay raise but quickly fold to a three-bet. He's wearing new headphones and hope they will bring him more luck than his last "retro" pair.
Player Chips Progress
Anton Wigg se
Anton Wigg
se 50,000 20,000
Bryan Piccioli us
Bryan Piccioli
us 40,000
Ludovic Lacay fr
Ludovic Lacay
fr 34,000 22,000
Dermot Blain ie
Dermot Blain
ie Busted

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