Main Event

Bruno "Kool Shen" Lopes Eliminated in 4th Place (€140,000)

Bruno Lopes - 4th place

Under the gun, Fraser MacIntyre opened to 200,000, and Bruno Lopes three-bet shoved again. He had worked his stack all the way up to 1.72 million by that point, but his bid for a comeback was soon put in jeopardy. Small blind Andrei Stoenescu re-shoved, MacIntyre folded, and the cards were on their backs.

Lopes: {A-Diamonds} {10-Diamonds}
Stoenescu: {Q-Diamonds} {Q-Hearts}

Lopes can't be faulted for his play, but he was unlucky enough to run into a monster. The {7-Hearts} {4-Diamonds} {2-Spades} flop was a pretty big miss, but the {3-Diamonds} turn was the best non-ace in the deck. Lopes suddenly had a world of outs with one to come. He needed an ace, five, or diamond to stick around.

River: {6-Spades}

Close isn't close enough, and Lopes' EPT Madrid Main Event has come to an end. It's his largest live score and his second six-figure win this year, and it moves him up over $500,000 in career winnings.

Player Chips Progress
Andrei Stoenescu ro
Andrei Stoenescu
ro 4,200,000 345,000
Bruno Lopes fr
Bruno Lopes
Winamax Team Pro
fr Busted

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