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Main Event

Aces Again for the Third All In Player


The third all in and call saw another player find aces!

The action folded around to the deep-stacked Alex Roumeliotis and he moved all in blind to put pressure on the short-stacked Chris Brammer and Samuel Panzica in the blinds. Brammer folded but Panzica called all in for 79,500.

The room erupted in laughter when the players' cards were announced:

Roumeliotis; {7-Clubs}{2-Clubs}
Panzica: {a-Spades}{a-Hearts}

The board ran {3-Spades}{3-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{6-Clubs}{3-Hearts} to make Panzica a full house. What a sweat he had on the turn though!

Player Chips Progress
Alex Roumeliotis SE
Alex Roumeliotis
SE 358,000 38,000
Samuel Panzica us
Samuel Panzica
us 170,000 -11,500

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