2012 PokerStars.net EPT Prague

Main Event
Day: 1b
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2012 PokerStars.net EPT Prague

Final Results
Ramzi Jelassi
Winning Hand
Event Info
Prize Pool
Level Info
100,000 / 200,000

Main Event

Day 1b Completed

Belov Pips Rodriguez to Lead EPT Prague Day 1b

Level 8 : 300/600, 75 ante
Vadim Belov
Vadim Belov

What a day that was! A total of 528 players packed onto 54 tables today to play Day 1b of the PokerStars.net EPT Prague Season 9. That meant a total of 864 players across the two flights, smashing the 722 players that entered last year. The prize pool was released late on and the top prize of a massive €835,000 easily surpasses the €720,000 paid to Martin Finger last season. This is now officially the richest tournament ever to be held in this country.

Leading the way at the end of play was Vadim Belov who pipped Luis Rodriguez to post after he bagged up 179,300 chips. For long periods we thought Luis Rodriguez was going to end the day as leader after he won a huge pot versus Makarios Avramidis in a aces versus kings confrontation. He dropped back to finish on 176,800.

The play was frantic from the off, with cooler hands popping up all over the room matching the temperature outside. Martin Hruby and Byron Kaverman were two players with high hopes for the tournament, but they busted in the same hand after both flopping sets on {9-}{10-}{j-} flop. Mikita Badziakouski was sat in wait with {k-}{q-} for a straight though and sent them both packing.

Those sort of hands continued throughout the day and we recommend you read back through today’s coverage to absorb what the players had to contend with and what we witnessed.

Team PokerStars Pro had 14 representatives in the field today but not all made it through the minefield. Dario Minieri, Dag Palovic, Max Martinez, Michael Keiner, Luca Pagano, and Salvatore Bonavena all joined Hruby on the rail. We will welcome back Alex Kravchenko, Juan Manuel Pastor, Christian de Leon, Ville Wahlbeck, Pier Paolo Fabretti, Johnny Lodden and Ana Marquez on Day 2 though.

Those having to contend with the bulging side events this week after busting included former champions Kevin MacPhee, Benny Spindler, David Vamplew, Michael Tureniec and Davidi Kitai along with Faraz Jaka, Max Silver, Lars Bonding, Elio Fox and Griffin Benger.

The remaining 462 players from both day 1a and 1b will return for day 2 tomorrow at 12:00 PM CET, where they’ll make steady progress towards the 128 players that’ll leave with a Prague scented Christmas present worth a minimum €8,000. Some eyes will be on the final table prizes (listed below) but that there in dangerous behavior.

PositionPrize (EUR)
1€ 835,000
2€ 510,000
3€ 310,000
4€ 250,000
5€ 196,000
6€ 150,000
7€ 108,400
8€ 75,000

The PokerNews reporting team will be back and full of vigor later on today where confirmed heroes and heroes in waiting will continue to brawl over the baize.

Various End Of Day 1b Chip Counts

Player Chips Progress
Vadim Belov
Vadim Belov
179,300 -5,700
Luis Rodriguez es
Luis Rodriguez
176,800 -3,200
Marian Kulifaj
Marian Kulifaj
159,000 -16,000
Mariusz Klosinski
Mariusz Klosinski
153,800 153,800
Mads Amot no
Mads Amot
138,600 138,600
Manuel Cortada Dominguez
Manuel Cortada Dominguez
138,500 8,500
Gianpaolo Bini
Gianpaolo Bini
135,400 135,400
Andrey Gulyy ru
Andrey Gulyy
115,400 115,400
Marcus Ristola
Marcus Ristola
112,400 -17,600
Sofianos Vergitsis gr
Sofianos Vergitsis
108,900 108,900
Manuel Bevand fr
Manuel Bevand
103,225 103,225
Pier Paolo Fabretti it
Pier Paolo Fabretti
99,900 24,900
Chris Brammer gb
Chris Brammer
96,400 -2,600
Tony Chang
Tony Chang
96,100 18,100
Johnny Lodden no
Johnny Lodden
94,500 -5,500
Nesad Shalaj
Nesad Shalaj
88,200 34,200
Tomas Pleticha cz
Tomas Pleticha
86,400 86,400
John Eames gb
John Eames
85,100 15,100
Alex Kravchenko ru
Alex Kravchenko
82,800 12,800
Toby Lewis gb
Toby Lewis
80,700 -9,300
EPT 1X Winner
Jacob Toole us
Jacob Toole
73,500 23,500
Sirzat Hissou de
Sirzat Hissou
73,000 73,000
Dominik Nitsche de
Dominik Nitsche
67,200 27,200
Roberto Romanello gb
Roberto Romanello
52,100 8,100
EPT 1X Winner
Olivier Busquet us
Olivier Busquet
49,900 31,900
Shannon Shorr us
Shannon Shorr
47,700 4,700

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Five More Hands

Level 8 : 300/600, 75 ante

The tournament officials have just announced that the remaining players will play five more hands before bagging and tagging. We're off to get some counts, so stay tuned for those as well as out full recap of Day 1b action.

Official EPT Prague Payouts

Level 8 : 300/600, 75 ante

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We have the official payouts for you.

A total of 128 places will be paid out here in Prague, a min-cash is worth €8,000; a final table appearance €75,000 and the eventual champion will leave Prague with a cool €835,000!

PositionPrize (EUR)
1€ 835,000
2€ 510,000
3€ 310,000
4€ 250,000
5€ 196,000
6€ 150,000
7€ 108,400
8€ 75,000
9-10€ 53,000
11-12€ 42,000
13-14€ 34,000
15-16€ 29,000
17-24€ 25,000
25-32€ 21,000
33-40€ 18,000
41-56€ 15,000
57-72€ 12,000
73-96€ 10,000
97-128€ 8,000

Peters Doubles With Kings

David Peters has doubled up and is now armed with almost 60,000 chips.

It appears the chips went into the middle preflop in a clash with Nikita Nikolaev, Peters holding {K-Clubs}{k-Hearts} and his opponent an in danger pair of queens. Peters' kings stayed in front on the {4-Clubs}{5-Clubs}{6-Hearts} flop, and Peters locked up the hand when the {K-Diamonds} fell on the turn. The inconsequential {6-Diamonds} river completed the board and Peters began stacking his new found chips.

Nikolaev on the other hand is left with just 5,200 chips.

Player Chips Progress
David Peters us
David Peters
59,000 23,000

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Botond Busts

Balasz Botond was all in and at risk for his tournament life on a flop of {10-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} holding {j-Spades}{5-Spades}. Manuel Cortada Dominguez called with two black aces, and held as the turn and river came {6-Hearts}, {a-Diamonds} respectively.

Botond hit the rail, while Dominguez increased his stack to 130,000 chips.

Player Chips Progress
Manuel Cortada Dominguez
Manuel Cortada Dominguez

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Carroll Can't Beat Kings

James Carroll opened to 1,400 in middle position, Michael Grob three-bet to 3,400 in the cutoff, and the action folded back to Carroll, who called.

The flop was {9-Spades}{6-Clubs}{9-Clubs}, and Carroll checked. Grob continued for 3,700, and Carroll called.

The turn was the {4-Clubs}, Carroll checked again, and this time Grob knuckled behind.

The suicide king ({k-Hearts}) completed the board, and Carroll checked a third time. Grob thought for a bit, then fired 7,500. Carroll raised his brow, then cut out enough chips to make the call. He counted the rest of his stack, wondering how much he would have if he made the call and was beat, and tossed them forward.

Grob tabled {k-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds} for a pair of kings, and Carroll mucked is hand.

Player Chips Progress
Michael Gross us
Michael Gross
James Carroll us
James Carroll
40,000 -15,000

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