Main Event

Mariusz Klosinski Eliminated in 9th Place (€53,000)

Mariusz Klosinski

It is all over folks, the EPT Prague main event final table is set. Mariusz Klosinski has just been eliminated and we are down to eight players.

The action folded around to Mariusz Klosinski in the small blind and the tournament's birthday boy raised to 80,000. Ramzi Jelassi was in the big blind and he three-bet to 240,000. Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden commented on the live stream that he believed Jelassi must be strong because he would otherwise have called and used his superior position. How right Lodden wold turn out to be.

Klosinski reached for chips and four-bet to 490,000 only to see Jelassi take back his original bet and replace it with 740,000 worth of chips! Within moments Klosinski had six-bet shoved and Jelassi called.

Jelassi: {K-Spades}{K-Clubs}
Klosinski: {Q-Hearts}{Q-Spades}

Lodden was right! Jelassi was strong! Klosinski stood from the table as the dealer put out the {4-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{j-Spades} flop, then the {2-Spades} turn and finally the {8-Diamonds} river. And with that Klosinski was eliminated and the final eight players of the EPT Prague main event were set.

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Mariusz Klosinski
Mariusz Klosinski

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