Main Event

Aliev Down to 16 Bigs

Happy_Freaked • Level 29: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante

Robert Haigh raised to 160,000 under the gun plus one and Dashgyn Aliev, who was seated to his immediate left, three-bet to 310,000. The action was folded back to Haigh who made the call.

The flop brought {J-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{5-Spades} and Haigh checked to Aliev who bet 340,000. Haigh went into the tank for a bit before moving all in. Aliev had 1,250,000 chips left if he would fold and he decided to do so after tanking for about three minutes.

Player Chips Progress
Roman Herold de
Roman Herold
de 4,535,000 -220,000
Lasse Frost dk
Lasse Frost
dk 4,285,000 -20,000
Robert Haigh de
Robert Haigh
de 4,110,000 840,000
Pascal Vos nl
Pascal Vos
nl 3,620,000 270,000
Daniel Pidun de
Daniel Pidun
de 3,470,000 -60,000
Alexander Helbig DE
Alexander Helbig
DE 2,345,000 -20,000
Roman Korenev ru
Roman Korenev
ru 1,990,000 -20,000
Julian Thomas de
Julian Thomas
de 1,685,000 -100,000
Dashgyn Aliev RU
Dashgyn Aliev
RU 1,250,000 -670,000

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