Main Event

Andre Aggression

Shamus • Level 23: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Cyril Andre

Matthieu Herve opened for 40,000 from under the gun, then Romeo Robert called from a couple of seats over. Gordon Huntly, playing from the cutoff, then made it 100,000 to go, and the action was on chip leader Cyril Andre.

Andre considered for about a half-minute, then slid out a huge tower of gray (5,000) chips for a four-bet to 230,000. That was enough to scatter the blinds, Herve, and Robert, then Huntly went into the tank for two solid minutes before finally letting his hand go as well.

As the chips were swept Andre's way, the Frenchman showed his hand — {K-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}!

Player Chips Progress
Cyril Andre fr
Cyril Andre
fr 2,320,000 212,000
Gordon Huntly gb
Gordon Huntly
gb 1,150,000 135,000

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