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Main Event

Robert Romeo Eliminated in 3rd Place (€275,000)

Homer • Level 31: 60,000-120,000, 20,000 ante
Robert Romeo - 3rd place

Remi Castaignon raised to 250,000 preflop from the button, Robert Romeo then three-bet to 550,000 in the small blind. Walid Bou Habib got out of the way and Castaignon brought out the plaques, four-betting to an amount we weren't able to ascertain. The reason for that was that Romeo announced all in and Castaignon instantly called.

Romeo: {A-Diamonds}{K-Clubs}
Castaignon: {A-Hearts}{A-Clubs}

The flop came {5-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} and Romeo needed running cards to survive. The {3-Spades} gave him some split outs but the {10-Hearts} river wasn't one of them and instead the man who qualified for just $4 has made a decent return on his investment.

Player Chips Progress
Robert Romeo BE
Robert Romeo
BE Busted

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