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Software Issues

Daniel Negreanu can't stop accidentally folding.

Daniel Negreanu is having some software issues on Full Tilt Poker. In one hand, he supposedly folded the nuts on the river because he didn't know how the "Timer" button worked, and in another, he folded because he hit the "Timer" button and he didn't have any more time.

"This wouldn't happen on PokerStars!" he griped. "The world's largest poker site where you can play tournaments now, now, and now."

The problems continued when Negreanu couldn't adjust his betting amounts.

"You have home ice advantage!" Negreanu told Hansen.

We wonder if Kid Poker is a hockey fan.

While Negreanu was complaining about the software, Gus Hansen was complaining about how Negreanu was running.

"Somebody stop this man from hitting it every time," Hansen sighed.

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