2014 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final

€100,000 Super High Roller
Days: 1

Voulgaris Makes Big Turn Shove

Level 4 : 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

Olivier Busquet opened to 5,000 preflop from the hijack and was called by Johannes Strassmann and Lo Shing Fung in the cutoff and button respectively. Haralabos Voulgaris made it 17,000 in the small blind, Busquet folded but Strassmann and Fung both called.

The flop was {10-Spades}{Q-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds} and Voulgaris bet 25,000. Strassmann called and Fung folded.

On the {9-Hearts} turn, Voulgaris contemplated his options for a moment before moving all in for 115,000. Strassmann tanked for several minutes before eventually mucking his hand, Voulgaris left slightly bemused by what Strassmann could be tanking so long with.