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Austria's All-Time Money Winner Looking for More

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Josef Klinger

Do you know who tops the Austria all-time money list? It's not Niki Jedlicka, who is currently 10th on the list with $652,890 in live lifetime earnings (though that'll go up when he and Eugene Katchalov finished their heads-up battle in the Eureka High Roller tomorrow); nor is it Thomas Muhlocker, who sits fourth with $1,121,159.

The man who actually tops the list is Josef "Pepe" Klinger, who has $1,759,013 in lifetime earnings.

The vast majority of that, $1,331,274 to be exact, came courtesy of his runner-up finish to Nicolas Chouity in the EPT6 Grand Final. However, he's also notched some other impressive scores including second in the €3,000 Vienna Spring Poker Festival for $129,219; a win in the 2003 Vienna Spring Festival €2,000 NLHE for $86,105; first in the 1999 Vienna Spring Festival for $80,013; and a victory in the 2004 Austrian Classics €1,000 No Limit Hold'em for $27,996.

Klinger is looking to add even more to his résumé, though he faces an uphill battle as he is sitting with just 11,700.

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Josef Klinger
Josef Klinger
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