€1,100 EPT National

Fatehi Left Short

zedmaster84 • Level 3: 100-200, 200 ante

With 20,000 in the middle and the completed board showing {j-Spades}{j-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{a-Hearts}{9-Hearts}, Sergei Atroshchanka bet 7,000 and Ali Reza Fatehi called. Atroshchanka tabled {6-Hearts}{6-Clubs} for a flush and Fatehi mucked.

Another big stack on the table is Marc Menage, while Fatehi is left short after that clash. One table over, Asker Aloev has even fewer chips at his disposal.

Player Chips Progress
Marc Menage
Marc Menage
60,000 60,000
Sergei Atroshchanka
Sergei Atroshchanka
53,000 53,000
Ali Reza Fatehi ir
Ali Reza Fatehi
ir 8,000 8,000
Asker Aloev ru
Asker Aloev
ru 4,000 4,000

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