€50,000 EPT Super High Roller

Greenwood Rivered From the Tournament by Li

will_shill • Level 14: 10,000-20,000, 20,000 ante
Sam Greenwood

Yuan Li opened to 45,000 and short-stack Sam Greenwood three-bet all in for around 170,000 from the big blind. Li called.

Yuan Li: {a-Clubs}{5-Spades}
Sam Greenwood: {a-Hearts}{j-Clubs}

The {2-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}{10-Clubs} flop changed nothing but the {3-Hearts} turn did give Li a gutshot straight draw and a chance at knocking out Greenwood. In the end, the {5-Diamonds} did just that and Greenwood would bust short of the money.

Player Chips Progress
Yuan Li cn
Yuan Li
cn 1,300,000 200,000
Sam Greenwood ca
Sam Greenwood
ca Busted

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