2020 PokerStars EPT Online

EPT Online 06: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller]
Days: 1

Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz Eliminated in 11th Place ($27,628)

Level 20 : 25,000-50,000, 6,000 ante
Fedor Holz
Fedor Holz

Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz opened it up to 107,500 and was called by Mike "SirWatts" Watson on the button, chip leader Matthias "iambest2" Eibinger also stuck around to the {6-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} flop. All three players opted to check and Eibinger led the {8-Hearts} turn for 115,500. Holz raised to 295,000 with 353,187 behind to force out Watson, Eibinger raised it up and Holz called all-in.

Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz: {a-Spades}{8-Diamonds}
Matthias "iambest2" Eibinger: {7-Spades}{4-Spades}

Holz was drawing dead already and the {5-Hearts} river officially confirmed his exit in 11th place for $27,628.

Holz eliminated by Eibinger
Holz eliminated by Eibinger
Player Chips Progress
Matthias "iambest2" Eibinger at
Matthias "iambest2" Eibinger
6,835,751 380,187
Day 1 Chip Leader
Christian "WATnlos" Rudolph de
Christian "WATnlos" Rudolph
3,297,287 -6,000
Benjamin "bencb789" Rolle de
Benjamin "bencb789" Rolle
2,391,366 432,000
Mike "SirWatts" Watson
Mike "SirWatts" Watson
1,178,374 -13,500
Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz
Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz