€100,000 EPT Super High Roller

Badziakouski Hero Calls For a Double

dsalituro • Level 19: Blinds 30,000-60,000, 60,000 ante
Mikita Badziakouski

Action folded around to Mikita Badziakouski in the small blind and he limped in with {k-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}. Mike Watson in the big blind raised with {8-Spades}{4-Hearts} to 220,000 and Badziakouski called.

The flop came {10-Spades}{7-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} and Badziakouski led out for 100,000. Watson came back with a raise to 450,000 and Badziakouski stuck around to see the {7-Diamonds} on the turn.

Badziakouski checked and Watson bet another 450,000. Badziakouski again called as the river came the {a-Spades}.

After another check from Badziakouski, Watson shoved all in. Badziakouski, with 1,740,000 remaining, used two time bank cards before he called with his two pair, tens and sevens.

Watson could only show his missed straight draw as he handed over most of his stack to the Belarussian, who is now the tournament chip leader.

Player Chips Progress
Mikita Badziakouski by
Mikita Badziakouski
by 5,770,000 2,880,000
Mike Watson ca
Mike Watson
ca 215,000 -2,915,000

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