€25,000 Single-Day High Roller

Sam Greenwood Eliminated in 9th Place (€50,640)

zedmaster84 • Level 18: 10,000-25,000, 25,000 ante
Sam Greenwood

Byron Kaverman defended his big blind against a raise by Sam Greenwood and check-called a continuation bet on the {a-Hearts}{k-Spades}{2-Hearts} flop, which led them to the {j-Spades} turn. Kaverman checked once more and Greenwood then bet 70,000 with 150,000 behind.

The call by Kaverman followed, who then also checked the {9-Hearts} on the river. Greenwood bet 145,000 to leave himself with a single chip behind and Kaverman then moved all-in for Greenwood to call it off. The {k-Hearts}{k-Diamonds} for a set of kings by Greenwood were briefly exposed but Kaverman had the best of it with {q-Hearts}{7-Hearts} for a flush.

As the level drew to a close, Greenwood was eliminated in 9th place for a payday of €50,640.

Player Chips Progress
Byron Kaverman us
Byron Kaverman
us 1,030,000 270,000
Sam Greenwood ca
Sam Greenwood
ca Busted

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