2015 PokerStars.com EPT Season 11 Malta

€5,300 Main Event
Days: 1a
Event Info

2015 PokerStars.com EPT Season 11 Malta

Final Results
Winning Hand
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Prize Pool
Level Info
300,000 / 600,000

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133,075 -3,425

End of Day 1A.

136,500 5,250

I defend in the BB with A♠K from utg open.
F: 933, I check call 1,700.
T: 8 I c/c 3,700
R: 9 Check/check and my AK wins!

131,250 21,250

Miss Finland limps utg for 600, button raises to 1,550 I 3 bet to 4,000 from SB with KK.
SB jams 20k, I call. He has AK
Board comes J98 64 and I hold!

106,425 3,700

Moved tables, opened my first hand in the CO, the SB 3 bet. I 4 bet abd he folded.

102,725 16,325

Called co raise on button w Q9, BB calls.
F: Q96 checks to me, Bet 2.200, BB calls.
T: 8, he c/c 3,400.
R: T we both check, I win vs. Qx

86,400 19,500

Same player opens first hand after dinner (6 handed), I 3 bet he 4 bets I call.
F: 532 he bets I call.
T: Q he bets I call.
R: K he checks, I jam, he folds #noholecardssorry

66,900 26,400

Back to back double ups!
Utg + 2 opens, I call KK, 2 callers.
F: A88. Checks
T: K, checks to me I bet 2.800, raiser c/R to 7.200, I call.
R: 7 he jams 16.000 w bluff.gg sir

40,500 19,000

Loose guy opens utg+2 to 900, I call AQ, button 3 bets to 2.200 we both call.
F: Q97 checks.
T: 5, guy leads 4.700 I call.
R: 9 he jams 12.000 I call. He has 88!

21,500 5,600

Called raise woth KQ in CO from loose opener, Button calls.
Flop AQ5. Checks.
Turn 8. Raiser bets, I call. Fold.
River 3. We both check, and I win!

15,900 -2,100

Almost jammed with 99 against two players AK. Would have hit quads and won.
Still happy I folded though, because i believe I made the right choice. #longterm

34,700 1,475
17,500 -10,000

Raise from 2nd position to 600, 3rd position calls, I call in MP with JJ, abd CO calls.
Flop 632, checks to me, i bet 1,500, and 3rd position (same guy who I folded AQ to last hand), calls.
Turn K, he check, calls 2,300.
River 9. He c

27,500 -3,925

Raised UTG + 1 to 500 on 100/200 w 25 ante with AQs, BB called.
Flop came Q T 6
He check, called 700.
Turn J
He check, calls 1700.
River 6
He leads for 4,100, and I folded.
I think he can have too many straights and 6x of diamonds here. Him w

33,225 3,225