2015 PokerStars.com EPT Season 11 Malta

€5,300 Main Event
Days: 3
Event Info

2015 PokerStars.com EPT Season 11 Malta

Final Results
Winning Hand
Event Info
Prize Pool
Level Info
300,000 / 600,000

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Everything just came crashing down in the end.

435,000 -40,000

Sticky spots out of position vs CL.
I raise CO he calls button.
F: Q96 I check/call 21k
T: 8 ch/ch
R: J and I check fold to 40k
On a good note, 'small' pay bump with 70 remaining, now getting €12,800!

475,000 -105,000

Utg shoved all in for 81k ok 3000/6000, I call with TT.
Door card T but I still lose on KJT98 runout :(

580,000 160,000

Got fancy utg with T8, got 2 callers.
F: T97 I bet 20k, call, fold.
T: 7 I check/call 37k
R: 3 I check/call 60k, he shows QJ!

420,000 -100,000

4 bet bluff didnt work :(

490,000 20,000

All in fun gamble for 2.4 big blinds.
My 85 won vs his Q7.
7th victim!

470,000 -75,000

Few hiccups. But with the blinds at 3000/6000 and a 1000 ante, things cchange pretty fast!

545,000 105,000

AA busts my 6th player vs his QQ. The run good continues!

440,000 -26,500

Few ups and downs, but battling hard with these new chips! Playing to win, and thats it.

190,000 -55,000

In the monny

466,500 240,000

CO opens to 9k, I 3-bet button with J8, BB 4bets to 58k.
I jam 205k, and he tank calls with KK!
F: 832
T: 6
R: J
If you're not willing be wrong, you're not swinging enough.

226,500 36,500

Called raise in BB from SB with AT.
F: T62 he bets 8k I call.
T: 4 he check, calls 15k.
R: J he check, calls 22k and mucks!

245,000 -15,000


190,000 -20,000

Losing small but dodged two spots where I would have got caught bluffing.
Sometimes not losing the same as winning!

210,000 -30,000

Opened CO first hand 59 7,600, SB 3 bet to 21,900, I 4-bet to 39,000, he folded. #noholecards
Immediately after, guy opens LP, I flat HJ w A Q, call one bet and he has AK.