$2,700 Nuevo Vallarta Main Event

Event Info

Buy-in $2,500
Prize Pool $586,850
Players 242
Players Left 89

Level Info

Level 9
Blinds 500 / 1,000
Ante 100

Players Take a Dinner Break

The remaining 130 or so players will be going on a 90-minute dinner break. Action will resume at 8:30 pm local time.

Crowd Control

The poker tournament is being held inside a large conference room. There is not a conventional "rail" that separates spectators from players. There is not too much room for spectators to stand along the walls, so many of them have been trickling into the tournament area. A couple of bold spectators pulled up chairs and sat behind their friends. The staff had to clear out all of the spectators since there was limited space to walk in between tables.

Adios Maria Stern

WSOP bracelet winner Maria Stern has been eliminated. Her husband, Max Stern, is still alive in today's event and is sitting on a stack just under 20,000.

Some Chippies

Here's some of the big stacks...

Victor Ramdin - 65,000
Alex Brenes - 42,000
Steven Thompson - 41,000
J.C. Alvarado - 30,000
Stephen 'Stevie 444' Chidwick - 26,000

Almost Dinner Break

There will be a dinner break at 7pm local time, or in roughly thirty minutes. Players will play out 30 minutes at this level then head to dinner.

Ramdin Snags Chiplead

Victor Ramdin = chipleader
Victor Ramdin = chipleader
Victor Ramdin is now up to 65,000. He seized the chiplead away from Alex Brenes who is sitting to his immediate left. Brenes slipped to 40,000.

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Table Talk: Tired Travel

Fossilman aka the Road Warrior
Fossilman aka the Road Warrior
Jon 'Apestyles' Van Fleet was moved to Greg Raymer's table. The young gun asked the former WSOP champion if he got tired of all the traveling. Raymer is a true ambassador of poker and has played in different events in 2008 all over the world including stops on the European Poker Tour, the Asian Pacific Poker Tour, and the Latin America Poker Tour.

Since he won the WSOP in 2004, Raymer has been on the road constantly, which is both a blessing and a curse for pros on the tournament circuit. Seeing the world via poker is an unbelievable, yet bittersweet experience. The drawback is that players constantly live in hotels and don't get to spend as much time at home with their family and friends as they would like.

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Alex Brenes = Chipleader

The sharkless Brenes borther
The sharkless Brenes borther
Alex Brenes, the younger brother of Humberto Brenes, has been accumulating chips over the last level. He surged towards the 50,000 chip mark and is the current chipleader

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